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Pageant Schedule
Fox Network
7 eastern, pacific
Sunday December 12
From Eilat, Israel

December 16 on Peacock app
8 eastern , 5 pacific
From Uncasville, Connecticut
Miss USA Nov. 29 on FYI, Hulu
Miss Universe December 12 on Fox
Miss America December 16 on Peacock app
*subject to local schedule! Check listing in your area!


So sorry to hear about the passing of Markie Post! Met her briefly Christmas shopping on Melrose Ave years ago with my Mom, my sister Jeanne, and our friend Lisa! Ms. Post also worked with my Uncle Steve on #NightCourt! She was very kind! #RIPMarkiePost

Podcast interview features Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Olympic Diver Tom Daley discussing their marriage

Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black to write ( and co produce with Former President and Mrs. Obama) a Bayard Rustin biopic for Netflix!

New interview with Dustin Lance Black and other writers from LA Magazine ! Scroll down a bit for DLB!

Congratulations Dustin Lance Black! Mamas Boy #7 on list of 51 LGBT books of all time! Wow!

Documentary to be made from Mamas Boy by Dustin Lance Black

More Ordering information here

Oscar Winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black discusses civil rights, the US Supreme Court and more here!

Remember, disabled does Not mean unable!

So sad to learn of the passing of Miss America 1971, Phyllis George, who I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with many times, she was the 50th Anniversary Miss America, the first female network #NFL sportscaster, First Lady of Kentucky, entrepreneur, and most of all a kind and wonderful woman ! The epitome of #MissAmerica...there she is...indeed! #RIPPhyllis https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/16/media/phyllis-george-death/index.html

https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/daytime-community-mourns-roscoe-born/ Dear #RoscoeBorn #RIP my friends met on #SantaBarbaraNBC soap set corresponded awhile! Even called one #ChristmasEve To make sure I was enjoying Holidays!

Miss America postpone 100th Anniversary events

October 8, 2019

PAST AND PRESENT! Congratulations!

‪Wow! More #MissUSA news! These women werk it!

‪This week #MissUSA @CheslieKryst 2019 joined @extratv‬

‪2007 @RachelSmithTV joins @etnow ‬

‪Runner up @meagantandy premiered @CWBatwoman ‬

‪2009 runner up @ALICiamBLANCO starts hosting for @Suns ‬

‪Wow #pageants #pride #confidentlybeautiful @MissUSA ‬MISS ARIZONA USAŽ Miss California USA Miss USA

From Rob Fukuzaki, head of ABC Channel 7 Sports in Los Angeles, California!

My friend and #MissTeenUSA Kamie Crawford returns to guest co-host #Catfish on #MTV June 12! Check local listings

I met Kamie Crawford shortly after she was crowned Miss Teen USA 2010. Since then she has launched a successful modeling and television career....And we have remained the best of friends!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary Review now here!

Obviously, not the news I was hoping for, especially on my Birthday week But I am so grateful for this voice back on tv and the opportunity to revisit an important piece of my past! #Gratitide 'Murphy Brown' Revival, 3 More Comedies Canceled at CBS read hear via @thr boo #cbs! @CBSAllAccess So sad! But glad we got there! Thanks @Faith_Ford @MurphyBrownCBS @realmurphybrown @Thanks for you hospitality ! No the Birthday gift I wanted but...I am so grateful for the opportunity

I was at the last five seasons, including finale, of the original series and one episode of the reboot! I am blessed...
That said... that leaves #MurphyBrown, the highest rated unrenewed ! What’s up #Cbs #SaveMurphyBrown CBS At least for CBS All Access
Read the beautiful finale article from The Hollywood Reporter here...

So I heard Manifest was renew for spring! Yes! But that leaves #MurphyBrown, the highest rated unrenewed ! Whats up #Cbs #SaveMurphyBrown CBS At least for CBS All Access

Obviously, not the news I was hoping for, especially on my Birthday week
But I am so grateful for this voice back on tv and the opportunity to revisit an important piece of my past!
‪'Murphy Brown' Revival, 3 More Comedies Canceled at CBS

read hear via @thr‬
‪boo #cbs! @CBSAllAccess So sad! But glad we got there! Thanks @Faith_Ford @MurphyBrownCBS @realmurphybrown @Thanks for you hospitality ! No the Birthday gift I wanted but...‬I am so grateful for the opportunity

Obviously, not the news I was hoping for, especially on my Birthday week But I am so grateful for this voice back on tv and the opportunity to revisit an important piece of my past! #Gratitide 'Murphy Brown' Revival, 3 More Comedies Canceled at CBS read hear via @thr boo #cbs! @CBSAllAccess So sad! But glad we got there! Thanks @Faith_Ford @MurphyBrownCBS @realmurphybrown @Thanks for you hospitality ! No the Birthday gift I wanted but...I am so grateful for the opportunity

Why you should be watching Murphy Brown on CBS All Access app

‪CBS Boss on Culture Woes, 'Murphy Brown's' Future and Its Post-'Big Bang' Comedy Plans
‪#RenewMurphyBrown #RenewTheBennyShow #cbs @cbs‬

‪Not My Job: We Quiz Candice Bergen Of 'Murphy Brown' On Murphy's Law
Listen to CandiceBergen here

#RenewMurphyBrown #cbs @murphybrownpod @MurphyBrownCBS @cbs @realmurphybrown @Faith_Ford @tynedalyonline @JakeMcDorman @FabulousBergen #repost @CBSAllAccess ‬

Creator/Executive Producer Diane English addresses false MurphyBrown cancellation report from EW, THR, Fox News etc

Faith Ford interview from Australia

Justin Baldoni "Jane, the Virgin" (CW)
Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA '03

So proud!
click here to see more !
‪Congratulations @justinbaldoni director @FiveFeetApart #FiveFeetApart I knew you when!.... John jhbonline.net‬
‪#DisabledNotUnable ����‬

Watch my friend on "Jane, The Virgin" on #CW !Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Justin Baldoni http://www.buzzfeed.com/whitneyjefferson/tell-us-about-yourselfie-justin-baldoni?utm_term=1vul82e#2sw1zqq via @twitney @buzzfeed

‪#jimdial @Faith_Ford @tynedalyonline #CandiceBergen ‬

‪#RenewMurphyBrown @murphybrownpod @MurphyBrownCBS #MurphyBrown #weneedmoreMurphy @CBS #cbssoaps ‬

‪/ #SEASONFinale Thursday 930/830 #cbs‬

TELL CBS WE NEED MORE! On all social media platforms!
MurphyBrown ends season with good ratings!
See here


All new episodes throughout December! Thursday night 930/830 CBS!

Let @cbs @cbsallaccess know you want more!

Congratulations Candice Bergen on your Golden Globe nomination
#candicebergen #murphybrown #GoldenGlobes nominations Candice Bergen, Debra Messing snag Golden Globe noms for reboots Read here @goldenglobes @murphybrownpod @MurphyBrownCBS #renewmurphybrown @realmurphybrown @Faith_Ford @CBSTweet @CBS

At Miss Teen USA 2019.
I say hello to Savannah Chrisley, Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2017
Top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2017
Now State Director (Florida and California) And of course star of Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley.

‪Soap Vet Jed Allan Passes Away ‬
via @SoapDigest

‪CC Capwell on the beloved Emmy winning #NBC #SoapOpera‬
#DOOL #90210 sad week....
‪I was fortunate to work with fan clubs connected with this fine series and even visit the set where I met Jed Allen, who was very kind to me...‬
‪He also was a cast members on #DaysOfOurLives for many years. He will be missed...��‬
Tribute I found on YouTube here
‪Wow! And just watching this last night‬
‪SB 476 | Eden visits Kelly at the asylum‬
also via @YouTube
‪#RIPJedAllan #SantaBarbara ‬


Yes! I got a tweet from @realjaclynsmith ,
Click to see it now!

And even more recently, one from @RealCherylLadd

More episode set to air, another season of MurphyBrown is possible !

More Here Let #cbs know you want it via social Media! NOW!

‪Happy 30th Anniversary #MurphyBrown
Debuting November 14, 1988
And still going strong Today!

- The Coma and the Oxford Comma (Sneak Peek 2) Tomorrow night Thursday 930/830 only on @cbs anytime on @CBSAllAccess As I have anMA in English...this appeals to me!‬
‪@murphybrownpod @MurphyBrownCBS ! We need another season !‬
And more
Happy 30 Murphy! And still going strong
Check this out

‪'Murphy Brown' Premiere Is TV's Top Show Among LGBTQ Viewers more here!

Watch Every Thursday 930/830 thru December 20 on cbs

Murphy Brown is back!
Thursday 9:30/8:30 CT on CBS

#NikDodani of #MurphyBrown talks #CandiceBergen! Tune in #CBS Thursday 930/830 !
Watch here!

From #Jeopardy October 10, 2018
“What is #MurphyBrown ?
Watch tonight and every Thursday on #CBS at 9:30/8:30 Central
And on CBS All Access & On Demand



Faith Ford as Corky Sherwood of Murphy Brown
Kauffman Astoria Studios; September 2018

So glad Murphy Brown is returning to tv but at the same time a bit sad (selfishly) that they will be filming in New York, But we made it to taping of episode #6 the Election episode! So funny! Set to air Thursday November 1 930 eastern and pacific! Glued to the tv �� and will always be grateful for the opportunity to share all the memories of the original series way back when...
Read here

Just found this! Very exciting!
Got some very welcome! Good news today!
‘Murphy Brown’ Revival Set At CBS With Star Candice Bergen & Creator Diane English – Deadline

I am so excited! #MurphyBrown
Big News Here

#MurphyBrown #MeToo #MurphyToo
More relevant than ever!
Pass it on!
from Murphy Brown Podcast
CBS Preview clips
930/ 830 Thursday CBS

Murphy Brown personality quiz
‪I got: You are... Frank Fontana!. Which #MurphyBrown character are you? Take the personality quiz...
via @playbuzz‬ click right here
I don’t think I’m Frank...maybe Miles...same Birthday as Murphy! Love Corky, of course! How about you!
#MurphyBrown 930/830 Thursday CBS

‪Sept 27 @ 9:30 pm on #CBS @MurphyBrownCBS premieres! Yay #MurphyBrown is back!‬

Stream classic seasons of #MurphyBrown on CBS All Access before the premiere of the reboot Thursday September 27 at 930/830 central
Read more


Oh now I’m going to cry!
I got to see my #MurphyBrown

Click for video
MurphyBrown Boss Focusing Revival 'Through Prism of the Press,' Reveals [Spoiler] Will Return for Arc via @TVLine

Souvenir of my visit here!

Our name on the FYI assignment board on @MurphyBrownShow Episode :"Burger, She Wrote" air date: 10/17/1994 Season 7 episode 5
Thanks to Faith Ford, Candice Bergen, Charles Kimbrough, Grant Shaud and the rest of the cast & crew for wonderful memories! The first episode we attend but we stayed right thought the end: Season 10!


The Very First episode of Murphy Brown we attended "Burger, She Wrote! If you look closely you may be able to see the name "Baker" in the background on the "FYI" assignment board. Thank you Faith Ford and the cast and crew of Murphy Brown for years of wonderful memories... <3 John & Joann Baker

‪@murphybrownpod @MurphyBrownShow About twenty years ago, I sat it the studio audience at #MurphyBrown and laughed at the absurdity of this scene. Now I know it was a Warning of what was to come, if you want to know what has happened to us, watch right here now!


If you want to know how we got where we are politically In 2017... watch these old Murphy Brown clips! We were present when they were filmed... especially if you're too young to remember... please make time to watch classic @MurphyBrownShow clip WATCH FROM YOU TUBE NOW!


JHBonline.net shared Murphy Brown' s photo


I love it when my worlds collide! In the pilot for "Murphy Brown" Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford) explains to Jim Dial (Charles Kimbrough) why she was elevated from 1st Runner-up to " #MissAmerica"

For more visit http://jhbonline.net/tv/id2.html

&quot;It's always very sad when Miss. America falls from grace. I mean when she said that she loved animals, no one took her literally.&quot;


Murphy Brown

"It's always very sad when Miss. America falls from grace. I mean when she said that she loved animals, no one took her literally."

 Visit http://pageants.jhbonline.net

The last episode of "Murphy Brown"
with Candice Bergen

Lily Tomlin
Warner Bros. Studio 1998

Faith Ford of "Murphy Brown"
and "Maggie Winters" and "Hope & Faith"


There’s my guy
Rob Fukuzaki
Watch here!

UDebby Boone
Classic albums
On cd for first time!
Click Here or check out

Torrance Coombs

...With Carolyn Hennesy
of "Cougartown" Wednesday on ABC

Well home again.... And I would just like to say I make mistakes, we all do, I'm just thankful  mine have not been  made in front of one billion people (so far) my heart goes out to Colombia, Phililpines, and , yes, Steve Harvey!
But even as I was almost trampled and could've been injured coming out of the theatre by understandably upset fans at the theatre (Thank you to my family and PH security for their assistance )
I understand that those who were injured and killed by the auto incident outside the Planet Hollywood were the truly tragic victims of that evening on the Las Vegas Strip during this Holiday Season... I truly extend my deepest wishes to them!
To Pia Wurzbach, Congratulations! Philippines you've waited a long time! To Miss Colombia! I can't imagine what you've gone through.... But you will be the most famous runner up in Miss Universe history. I hope to come to wear that with the pride you've earned. To Miss USA Olivia Jordan and the other competitors Congrats on a job well done!
To my friends at Miss Universe thank you for  all your support and otherwise wonderful week.
Happy Holidays,

So #Pageant people Its seems Celebrity Big Brother will include Pias Runner Up at MissUniverse (thanks Steve Harvey) from Colombia and Omarosa ....Ill be watching the #WinterOlympics But if Celebrity BB floats your boat.... enjoy!
Read all about it here!

#RIP Robert Osborne #TCM Your insights on film and classic style will be missed. John John Baker, JHBonline.net Via Hollywood Reporter Read Here

From twitter Turner Classic Movies (TCM statement)
Statement of TCM host Ben Mankiewicz

Please if you believe in equality and LGBTQ rights read this http://ew.com/movies/2017/03/03/theater-beauty-and-the-beast-gay-character/


#RIP Amazing and Kind David Canary (Adam/Stuart) All My Children Multiple Emmy Winner... only met him briefly... but a class act all the way https://jhb14.tripod.com/amc.htm

ALL THE BEST ON YOUR RETIREMENT Tony Geary #GH #GeneralHospital won't be the same.. Really enjoyed the pleasure of meeting you... http://www.jhbonline.net/tv/id38.html

with Thomas Roberts (MSNBC)
and Natalie Morales ("Today Show")


The "Youthful Daze" website: http://www.youthfuldaze.com/

Still tweet @ValentiniFrank & @CarlivatiRon and tell them you want him Back on @GeneralHospital #GH SOON TOO! Join #TeamRicGH

Rick Hearst  @RickHearst
on "Youthful Daze"
Web Soap ‘Youthful Daze’ Snags Trevor St. John, Chrishell Stause, Rick Heart and Bryan Craig! (VIDEO): http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2014/10/web-soap-youthful-daze-snags-trevor-st-john-chrishell-stause-rick-heart-bryan-craig via @SoapOperaNetwrk
But keep Tweeting @ValentiniFrank @CarlivatiRon to get him back on #GH TOO!

Watching #NCIS, Tony's bucket list #8...Date a Bond Girl OR Miss Universe​! Good Luck, Di Nozzo! jhbonline.net/pageants

Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio of #Nashville sing Beauty and the Beast ! #Disney #ABC http://youtu.be/qApHXBDqJcA

Please tweet, FB, SKYWRITE, whatever...often... Time to #bringRicBackNow To #GH @valentinifrank @carlivatiron @rickhearst Join #TeamRicGH https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/ @GeneralHospital #liric
:) John Baker, http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html
Thanks! Rick Hearst General Hospital

#GeneralHospital #LiRic #GH #BringRicBackNOW #TeamRicGH @rickhearst @valentinifrank @carlivatiron @GeneralHospital Rick Hearst Official Fan Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/
John Baker, Co-Administrator with Rick

#PageantGuyProbs #Pageants #Truth Always loved Suzanne Sugarbaker of Designing Women. But have I become her?


Kristin Chenoweth at Miss OK '91 http://youtu.be/1GYSVO2WFjk #TBT #Pageants #BROADWAY Emmy Awards Winner Tony Awards Winner #MissAmerica

We all love TV, don't we? (Some people just won't admit. For me... it started with Romper Room, Mr. Rogers and The Flintstones. Actually, I made my TV debut on Wonderama (anyone remember that show?) and was on a few Cerebral Palsy Telethons in New York. Then, my onscreen career kind of fizzled...

But I continued watching...The Partridge Family caught my eye Then came Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore ...and who doesn't enjoy a classic I Love Lucy now and then!

Like any teen of the time, I was mesmorized by Charlie's Angels and The Bionic Woman... I also had a huge crush on One Day At A Time's, Valerie Bertinelli, laughed out loud at Three's Company... and stumbled through cases with Simon & Simon.

Mom got me into daytime drama. Santa Barbara will always be #1 in my book...but I've enjoyed Ryan's Hope, All My Children, and Another World too. When "soaps" hit Primetime Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest...and especially Knot's Landing became must-see TV.

My current faves include:Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, ER, Maggie Winters, Sunset Beach...and, of course, Judge Judy

I have been fortunate enough to meet some of my favorite stars... such as cast members from Santa Barbara, Murphy Brown, Sunset Beach, ER, Maggie Winters ...AND OTHERS.

You can read about some of those experiences by clicking on the links above.

I like movies, too.

My favorite actresses are:
Faith Ford, Goldie Hawn and Reese Witherspoon
Favorite Actors:
Rick Hearst, Kenneth Brannagh and George Clooney

Favorite Films:









The book is even better though!)
...just to name a few.

I highly recommend all of the above...Well worth renting!

There's more on the way...so enjoy! Thanks for visiting! And please come back soon... and often!

Fmr #MissUSA, my sometime "Director" and most important, my dear FRIEND FOREVER Shanna Moakler debuts on "HOLLYWOOD EXES" on VH1  ..... Here's all the info you need: http://www.vh1.com/shows/hollywood_exes/cast.jhtml Love you, Shanna XO! Here's Shanna's new website: http://shannamoakler.com/
CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok #gh fans time to tweet #bringricbacknow #Liric #TeamRicGH
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GENERAL HOSPITAL FANS see LYNN HERRING ("Lucy Coe") represent VIRGINIA in the 1977 Miss USA pageant:
For those who have asked for THE ENTIRE Competition:
 #gh #MissUSA @TheLynnHerring playlist of 1977 pageant

As of July 11, 2014: Check out Ric and Molly Lansing Tees! Available for the next 22 days via @Teespring: http://teespring.com/ricandmolly #TeamRicGH #GH #Liric #BringRicBackNOW Rick Hearst Official Rick Hearst FB Fan Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/

Vote for Rick, Rick & Liz, Molly. Etchttp://t.co/LGacKpUR9n #TeamRicGH... http://t.co/F7Pp2fX85h

— John Baker (@jhbonline) April 15, 2014


Rick returns to General Hospital February 24, 2014! At last! Click here for more!

@RickHearst #GH finally got it right... counting the days! Rick Hearst Returning to 'General Hospital':  http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2014/01/rick-hearst-returning-to-general-hospital
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To support Rick, please tweet: @SoapsInDepthABC  @CarlivatiRon @ValentiniFrank @rickhearst I've developed a new social media hashtag #TeamRicGH  Who's with me? John, http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html Also join

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    Thanks everyone for consistently supporting me. I am thrilled to be back at General Hospital. Feel free to ask others to join this group as well as tweet to @valentinifrank and @carlivatiron on twitter. If you haven't already liked my fan page do me favor and run over there. Wanna build up our likes. https://www.facebook.com/rickhearstofficialpage. New site coming with lots of content. Vids, Pics, Streaming Interviews, etc.

    PS I also have my own UNOFFICIAL RICK SITE @ http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html if interested...

Accidently deleted myself from this group yesterday .... darn ipad! Thanks Rick for bringing me back... oops! Don't forget to follow @RickHearst @ValentiniFrank & @CarlivatiRon on twitter... See you on GH, Rick!

 Great times at Rick Hearst official fan group... https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/ Respectful and fun posts ENCOURAGED!
John Baker, Administrator
My Unofficial Rick Website: http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html

One note though:

Please do not conduct personal business on this page... or anywhere in this group... This is Rick's group for fans!(These posts will be deleted! Don't make me do that! EG..spam or selling items!) Limit this to your own pages or private messages... PLEASE! But have fun discussing Rick & GH! Thanks, John & Rick :)


Visit our Rick Hearst Homepage ("General Hospital's Ric Lansing") NOW!

#pageants #figureskating #EVERYONE

Do people who post nasty/negative comments on social media really think they're being helpful? Don't get it. Don't need it. Don't want it. #NotHere

 Inspirational Quotes ‏@InspowerMinds  44m 
Before you assume,
Before you judge,
Before you hurt,
Before you say,

Eydie Gorme Dead: Legendary Singer Dies At 84 http://huff.to/11WkU4X via @HuffPostCeleb One of the first celebrities I met when I was a CP Telethon "Poster Child." She carried me around for hours! She was a kind lady. She will be missed. #RIP

Some MISS UNIVERSE 2012 photos/videos at http://www.jhbonline.net/pageants/id47.html & MY visit with Chef GORDON RAMSAY at
Much more to come...
Happy New Year,
John :)

Weather you like PAGEANTS or not... WATCH THIS & You'll understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4W9xHkta9g&feature=player_embedded
Great job, MUO!

Jhbonline.net is now on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/jhbonlinenet

Via @SoapsInDepthABC
Saw this coming: Sources say Prospect Park won't be moving forward with , they've decided to focus on exclusively. Deets soon..

I wish Jonathan the best! He is so nice! Check out: Jonathan Jackson Quits 'General Hospital': Report http://aol.it/rXhJeC via @AOLTV @GeneralHospital
GH Set Visit Photos 

"General Hospital" 2011 Fan Event Coverage Now Here!

http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/soap-star-reality-show Soap Star Reality Show w/ General Hospital's Monaco, Storms, Etc!

Thanks Everyone...

An Entertainment Website: Proudly celebrating 10 years on the internet: Dec. 8, 1998-December 8, 2008! Thank you all for your support!!!


Shandi & me
Miss USA 2004 & Miss Universe 1st runner-up, ( also Miss Missouri {America} 2002 Shandi Finnessey has appeared on ABC-TV's Dancing With The Stars and is co-host of Lingo and Quiznation on GSN! 
My Mother, Joann and I, with John O' Hurley of "Santa Barbara"; "Seinfeld"; and now "Dancing with the Stars" and "Family Feud" in 1990.




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