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Two-time U.S. champion Alysa Liu switches coaches amid Olympic season https://olympics.com/en/news/two-time-us-champion-alysa-liu-switches-coaches-amid-olympic-season-2021 #figureskating

Congratulations to Alysa Liu and Vincent Zhao for securing 3 entries in Women’s and Men’s figure skating events for the United States at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games with victories at Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany!
Team USA previously secured 3 ice dance entries and 2 pair entries at the 2021 World Championships in Sweden.

Team members will be announced in January at the conclusion of the US Championships in Nashville, Tennessee "

Latest Beijing 2022 Covid precautions


2021/22 ISU Grand Prix Assignment (senior:

UPDATE https://twitter.com/europeonice/status/1431278117688074240?s=21 ISU #GPfigure event awarded to Torino, Italy

Cup of China canceled; Are Olympic Games in jeopardy?

Olympic Channel to launch dedicated figure skating channel in December https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/olympic-channel-figure-skating-channel-launch-december/

Being Out & Proud in Figure Skating

‪Legendary skater and coach Ron Ludington passes‬
‪After brief illness‬

‪Oh how sad... a great man on ice and off‬
‪He was so kind! And taught me so much! #RIPRonLuddington
#figureskating #Legend condolences to his family and students ‬such as 1984 Olympic Silver Medal winners Kitty And Peter Carruthers and many more!

New ISU scoring for UR, quads, death spiral & spinning

Worlds cancelled for first time in 59 years! First time in 59 years! ISU Statement - ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2020, Montreal https://isu.org/isu-news/news/145-news/13099-isu-statement-isu-world-figure-skating-championships-2020-montreal So sorry for the athletes, volunteers, and everyone who has worked so hard... Especially since many skaters from around the world, including #TeamUSA members train in Montreal anyway or other parts of Canada kind of ironic Kind of ironic; yet necessary

Ticket refunds information

Browning. Davis and White lead 2020 Stars On Ice TOUR CANCELLED....MORE INFORMATION ...

US #figureskating announces future hosts for championships:
2021: San Jose, California
2022: Nashville, Tennessee
For those who don’t know
2020: Greensboro, North Carolina
And ‪U.S. Figure Skating names host cities for 2021, 2022 nationals via @NBCOlympicTalk here

Milano-Cortina, Italy selected as 2026 Winter Olympic host!

#MilanoPride #MilanoCortina2026 #WinterOlympics2026 #WinterOlympics #olympics2026 #Olympics

See announcement here

Read more here....

‪Meryl Davis Marries Fedor Andreev in the South of France via @people‬ online here!
‪#StarsOnIce #OlympicChampion #DWTS‬
‪Congratulations @Meryl_Davis #FigureSkating #icedance ⛸‬

Athletes scheduled to be participating at #SkateAmerica #FigureSkating International competition in Las Vegas

In October include World Champion Nathan Chen, Also Bradie Tennell and Jason Brown...and many international stars, more info...including tickets here

‪Not a bad lineup for #SkateAmerica #Vegas @orleansarena 

click here

Nathan Chen headlines Skate America; Grand Prix assignments announced

via @NBCOlympicTalk‬

‪#FigureSkating‬ ‪#ISUGP assignments ⛸⛸‬ See Here...

‪ #figureskating #pride Out Loud and Proud: #TimothyLeDuc Celebrates Pride Month Just as He Lives His Life Read here!
‪Met Tim briefly at #4conts @HondaCenter so kind! Love @icegirlash & #TimLeDuc! Great job @NickMcCarvel!

‪ Congratulations Buddy @KurtBrowning !
well deserved! your friend, John ....Honored to know you along your journey ....
Kurt Browning Receives Order of Canada! More via Kurt’s twitter here!

Happy Birthday and Fathers Day 2019, Kurt!

2019/20 Challenger and GP events announced

‪Kaitlin Hawayek, Jean-Luc Baker on progress this season, what Montreal means to them
Read more via @NBCOlympicTalk‬

Scale of value
Single & pair
See here!

Further clarification here....

Skate America 2019 competition site and dates announced

World class #figureskating training center, coaching in Irvine, CA
from IFS Magazine

‪Champs Camp Finds a New Home at Facility That Aims to be a Game-Changer

click to read a wonderful article by @NickMcCarvel about a new ⛸facilly nearby ‬in Irvine! #figureskating #SoCal #OC

‪This would be unbelievable, except #Trump Administration #ImmigrationReform ‬
‪#FigureSkating Champion figure skater sues US over visa denial via @nypost‬ here

‪Gracie Gold details ‘mental health crisis,’ return to figure skating – OlympicTalk
Read more here....

‪Why I love @AshWagner2010 and #GracieGold rivals on ice, sure... but brave confident and compassionate women who support each other when needed...all #athletes #people #men #women should! #WomenInSport #womensupportingwomen ‬
‪#FigureSkating #MentalHealthMatters Read here !

Gracie Gold Says Ashley Wagner 'Went Out Of Her Way' To Help Her Recover... via @YouTube best wishes #GracieGold Good for you @AshWagner2010
#competitor #Respect #friendship #figureskating #AshleyWagner

Decisions of the ISU Congress New #figureskating rules; some sound good, others wait and see!

‪Kazakh Olympic medal winning Figure Skater Denis Ten dies at the age of 25 Read more...

RIP 2014 Olympic Medalist Denis Ten

Suspect confesses to Denis Ten killing via @NBCOlympicTalk #figureskate #olympic #tragedy #ripDenisTen ‬

‪Great news for. @KurtBrowning #KurtBrowning and‬ ‪@VanessaJamessk8 fans...unfortunately, since I live in USA , I won’t be able to watch News Is Here!

‪NBC Sports to be home of U.S. Figure Skating, ISU events through 2026 via @NBCOlympicTalk #FigureSkating #nbcsports ‬

‪Oh yes! Live #FigureSkating #isu streaming in USA! ‬
‪NBC Sports Gold launches ‘Figure Skating Pass’ – OlympicTalk Read more here...

‪Watch Plushenko junior follows in his father’s footsteps on @olympicchannel
More here...#figureskating #olympics #Russia

Team Assignment 2019 Four Continents and World Championship from Rocker Skating

@USFigureSkating international team event schedule #FigureSkating @TeamUSA

‪#Figureskating Russian teen is first female to land 2 quads in one Program!
More here!

‪2018-19 ISU GP assignment via @rockerskating #figureskating‬


Tweet from Shae Lynn Bourne

Read here!
And good news from Ashley

Click Right Here!

My response:

‪@shaelynnbourne you made me cry �� I ❤️you, skating and @AshWagner2010 and the movie #LaLaLand for me...the perfect combo! ������❤️Miss you, John #figureskating ‬

U.S. Figure Skating ⛸ @usfigureskating
#figureskating Congrats to my friends US champions, World Medalists and Olympic Team Members Michael Weiss, John Zimmerman and especially Kyoto Ina on their upcoming induction in the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame and To those who helped them get there as well! Well deserved! So proud of you all! ⛸����������
‪Weiss headlines U.S. Figure Skating HOF class | icenetwork.com: Your home for figure skating and speed skating. more via @icenetwork‬

‪2018 World Championships: Entrants and schedule
Info from RockerSkating.com here!

‪Everett, Washington, to host 2018 Skate America | icenetwork.com: Your home for figure skating and speed skating. via @icenetwork‬ here

Two-time Soviet-era Olympic champion pair skater Ludmila Belousova passes away Read more...

Again, there will never be another pair like them, watch and see! #figureskating
I am so saddened ���� Loved this classy lady! ❤️⛸

Here is one of their cassic Olympic performances
Watch on YouTube here!

Don’t always agree with Christine Brennan, but here she sets The Tonya Harding story straight for USA Today....

Click here if you want the truth...

Interesting #isu proposals in #figureskating Read here!

with Tara Lipinski
back in 2000!

2014 Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie White
2006 Olympic Silver Medalist Tanith Belbin White

#TwoBecomeOne Congrats ��
@TanithWhite @CharlieaWhite
So happy 4. U! ❤️John jhbonline.net
Tanith and Charlie to be parents!

Shibsibs become MinuteMade spokes athletes for Olympic season

More here....

#FourthofJuly message from 3 time US Figure Skating ⛸ Champion, Olympic and World Medalist Ashley Wagner on behalf of #TeamUSA #Olympics... Help Ashley and others realize their dream at 2018 #WinterOlympics next February and beyond!
Click here to watch

Figure skater Wagner: 'I was not in this for the spandex and the sparkles'
Figure Skating is a lot more physical than it looks, read more here

Jackie Wong of Rocker Skating explains why figure skaters and fans get offended when people say figure skating ⛸ is not a sport!
Right here via twitter
My Response to Ashley Wagner deadspin article;
on The JHB online Facebook Page -- click here

Ashley Wagner explains long program decisions
#figureskating @ashwagner has great instincts! Go with them! #teamusa
Especially in Olympics... but I still hope she turn La La Land into an exhibition!

Ashley Wagner discusses her decision here!

Gold Postpones Olympic Season Debut

Gracie Gold chooses Olympic music

read here.....

#figureskating US Olympic Medalist Tim Goebel ties the knot in breathtaking ceremony | icenetwork.com: Your home for figure skating and speed skating. via @icenetwork here!

Former Worlds Champion and Olympic Medalist Mao Asada of Japan retires

‪ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating

Assignments Listed Here
‪#FigureSkating Grand Prix assignments! Let The #Olympics season begin...‬ Provisional Venues for 2020 ISU events: Listed Here

Challenger Series announced here

#WorldFigure #Helsinki2017 #teamusa

#WorldFigure #Helsinki2017 #TeamUSA ‪��������������⛸ In fact, I think we are mostly where we need to be... and for the Record I predicted @AshWagner2010 music selections for next season.... And Congrats to 2time World Champion Evgenia Medvedeva on her victory and her taste in skaters!

See article: All is not lost for U.S. figure skaters at disappointing worlds Read Christine Brennan's words via @usatoday #optimist #WorldFigure2017 #teamusa‬ #worldfigure notice for those who have asked, in pre-Olympic years (such as 2017) qualifying procedures apply to #Olympics as well as the next World Championship
.... so this year the event has direct Olympic ramifications... read more at Wikipedia here

#FigureSkating #Olympics ⛸ Quota places for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games 2018 click here for complete list #figureskating #olympics So we get 3 men, ladies, dance couples but the only one pair.... not bad,


Olympic Champion Meryl Davis engaged, story here..

Davis, White Opt Out of 2018 Olympic Games

Congrats Vincent Zhou #TeamUSA #FigureSkating 2017 World Junior Champion 2017 Junior World Championships LP Vincent ZHOU

watch via @YouTube here

Here's the #truth about #NHL tough guys and #figureskating Read More!

Nancy Kerrigan Dances With The Stars

Gracie Gold chooses new coaches

One year before the #WinterOlympics... what it means to fall and rise again... by PJ Kwong Stories of Canadian Olympians Kurt Browning and Megan Duhamel.... Read Here!

US Figure Skating announced World, Jr., and 4 Continents Teams

#worldfigure notice for those who have asked, in pre-Olympic years (such as 2017) qualifying procedures apply to #Olympics as well as the next World Championship
.... so this year the event has direct Olympic ramifications... read more at Wikipedia here

#FigureSkating #Olympics ⛸ Quota places for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games 2018 click here for complete list #figureskating #olympics So we get 3 men, ladies, dance couples but the only one pair.... not bad





Kurt Browning appearing in 5 cities only in 2016!

@jhbonline @AshWagner2010 @ShibSibs @KurtBrowning - Hi John - Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary & Vancouver

— Stars on Ice (@starsonice) January 13, 2016


Halifax to host Canadian figure skating event http://globalnews.ca/news/1973459/halifax-to-host-canadian-figure-skating-event/ #figureskating #Canada

Thanks, Minden! Here's a special message from Kurt Browning and our #soifamily! #CSOI25th

Posted by Stars on Ice on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Congrats & Love to Tanith & Charlie!
Ice Dancers Charlie White and Tanith Belbin Say 'I Do' http://www.people.com/article/ice-dancers-charlie-white-tanith-belbin-say-i-do via @People

Team USA leads at ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating 2015 http://www.isu.org/en/single-and-pair-skating-and-ice-dance/news/2015/04/isu-world-team-trophy-2015-day-1 #FigureSkating #TeamUSA

#FigureSkating FACES MAGAZINE INT W/ Kurt Browning

Adelina Sotnikova @sotnickova2014 on #DWTS #Russia #figureskate #figureskating #olympics https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLso36kRJ5TzUf8HuuvW-cZiIZ5GUMTZIz

Nothing wrong with SILVER! Fan Fave is great. #DWTS #Russia @sotnickova2014 @Gleb_Savchenko @TeamSotka #figureskating #figureskate Can't win 'em all!

@KurtBrowning @SkatingPJ preview Worlds #Shanghai2015 http://www.cbc.ca/sports-content/figureskating/video/#id=2659296936

Best wishes @AshWagner2010 @DavidBaden #TeamUSA #FigureSkating http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/184444/20150317/ashley-wagner-2015-world-championships.htm

#WCShanghai #FigureSkating #ISU Official start orders and results:

March 14, 2015
Congrats my friends @taiskates @therandygardner #FigureSkating Today in 1979 Tai Babilonia Randy Gardner win world pair championship for #TeamUSA.... hopefully soon #USA will win again!
with me & Kurt Browning yrs later at Stars on Ice​ https://youtu.be/34eA8XEu_J8

#FigureSkating Russia/Japan results via Jackie Wong https://twitter.com/examinerskating
2014-15 Japan Nationals play-by-play/results: Men's free skate http://www.examiner.com/article/2014-15-japan-nationals-play-by-play-results-men-s-free-skate via @examinercom #figureskating
2014-15 Russian Nationals play-by-play/videos/results: Ladies free skate http://www.examiner.com/article/2014-15-russian-nationals-play-by-play-results-ladies-free-skate via @examinercom

So sorry Scott Hamilton  You and Don Laws made a great team! RIP Don!
#RIP Don Laws  #FigureSkating  Coach of Scott Hamilton Michael Weiss Patrick Chan and more..Longtime coach, former skater Laws dies at age 85 | icenetwork.com: Your home for figure skating and speed skating. http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2014/12/02/102979272/?tcid=tw_share via @icenetwork

Welcome to my good friends at IMG Worldwide  to the #MissUniverse family:
#MissUniverse #MissUniverso "TODAY's" Natalie Morales And MSNBC's Thomas Roberts To Host "The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE« Pageant" Sunday, January 25 On NBC (8-11 p.m. ET) - Yahoo Finance Canada https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/todays-natalie-morales-msnbcs-thomas-144300019.html via @YahooFinanceCA With Nia Sanchez & Gracie Gold both on the Today Show my pageant & skating lives are colliding all over the place! :)

USA finally awarded 1964 pair skating medal
#figureskating #olympics #TeamUSA finally awarded 1964 Olympics Bronze Medals in Pair Skating I.O.C. Corrects Record on 1964 American Skating Pair http://nyti.ms/1rq3mHZ

New Book Features Favourite Pet Stories from Famous Canadians - eg. Kurt Browning @KurtBrowning  #figureskating Yahoo Finance Canada https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/book-features-favourite-pet-stories-184000053.html via @YahooFinanceCA

You're too old for weird tricks Kurt Browning! Happy "Holiday Festival on Ice" <3 John, jhbonline.net/kb

Wish we could have Kurt Browning  ! Stars on Ice  Get Tickets :: Get Tour Information and Purchase #StarsonIce Current Tour Tickets http://shar.es/1XtBWi via @sharethis #FigureSkating

#FigureSkating Great interview: With Ashley Wagner http://skateguard1.blogspot.ca/2014/11/interview-with-ashley-wagner.html

Kurt Browning, Pj Kwong recap Skate America - Yahoo News Canada https://ca.news.yahoo.com/kurt-browning-pj-kwong-recap-021144372.html via @yahoocanadanews @KurtBrowning #figureskating

@KurtBrowning, Pj Kwong preview Paris Grand Prix - Yahoo News Canada https://ca.news.yahoo.com/kurt-browning-pj-kwong-preview-023938714.html via @yahoocanadanews #figureskating

#cbcskate #figureskating @KurtBrowning Kurt Browning Grand Prix France recap: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/figureskating/kurt-browning-pj-kwong-recap-grand-prix-of-france-1.2830701?cmp=rss

@KurtBrowning, Pj Kwong recap NHK Trophy - Yahoo News #Canada https://ca.news.yahoo.com/kurt-browning-pj-kwong-recap-011619212.html via @yahoocanadanews #figureskating

CBC Sports @cbcsports  Ě  18 hours ago

Ready for the Grand Prix Final Dec. 11-14? have a preview :

#FigureSkating Kurt Browning Kurt Browning, Pj Kwong recap Grand Prix Final - Yahoo News Canada https://ca.news.yahoo.com/kurt-browning-pj-kwong-recap-012527377.html via Yahoo Canada News

#FigureSkating trending #1 on Yahoo #SkateAmerica Tara Lipinski #NBC http://www.webpronews.com/tara-lipinski-johnny-weir-to-host-nbc-figure-skating-2014-10

'Smart blade' will measure routine impact on figure skaters http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/smart-blade-will-measure-routine-impact-on-figure-skaters-1.2063256 via @CTVNews #FIGURESKATING @KurtBrowning

Olympic figure skaters return to Mosaic Place http://www.mjtimes.sk.ca/News/Local/2014-10-14/article-3902711/Olympic-figure-skaters-return-to-Mosaic-Place/1 #FigureSkating @KurtBrowning #Canada

#FigureSkating Skate America Schedule IceNetwork.com & #NBC http://web.icenetwork.com/schedule/2014/10/2014_skate_america

#FigureSkating #Canada Kurt Browning announces he will be both a performer and choreographer for Stars on Ice (CANADA TOUR) 2015... Does this mean Vancouver in the Spring? Maybe... Stay tuned...

Lethbridge will host 2015 Skate Canada International Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2015 › http://lethbridgeherald.com/news/local-news/2014/10/09/lethbridge-will-host-2015-skate-canada-international-oct-30-nov-1-2015/ #figureskating @KurtBrowning #Canada

#FigureSkating Here's my buddy Kurt's Ice Bucket ALS Challenge Kurt Browning ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: http://youtu.be/5A79znTubc4 via @YouTube More Kurt Browning at jhbonline.net/kb

Kurt Browning, Tessa Virtue and more... Can u translate? Anyone? #figureSkating Le Ice Bucket Challenge de Joannie Rochette http://blogues.lapresse.ca/roberge/2014/08/15/le-ice-bucket-challenge-de-joannie-rochette/

PLEASE DONATE AT: http://www.als.ca/en/donate

Kurt Browning via Twitter in response to Scott Hamilton & Sandra Bezic being replaced on NBC! As detailed here...

@jhbonline @ScottHamilton84 & @SandraBezic taught me more than anyone else both on & off the ice. Their on air work will be missed !!

— Kurt Browning (@KurtBrowning) September 20, 2014

Kurt Browning via twitter regarding this article:
 Via @KurtBrowning in response to @jhbonline jhbonline.net
@ScottHamilton84 & @SandraBezic taught me more than anyone else both on & off the ice.
I agree Kurt... It's the end of an era... but I also wish Tara & Johnny all the best... they are awesome too... as I see you do as well:

Oilers hire former Olympic champion David Pelletier as skating coach - The Hockey News: http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/57716-Oilers-hire-former-Olympic-champion-David-Pelletier-as-skating-coach.html#.VBsjEQXESHY.twitter #figureskating #Olympics

Start of life without Chan, Virtue-Moir | Vancouver 24 hrs http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2014/09/04/canadas-national-skating-program-begins-life-without-chan-virtue-moir #FigureSkating #Canada @DavidBaden

#FigureSkating #TeamUSA #olympics Evan Lysacek: ‘My career is coming to an end’ #FigureSkating http://olympictalk.nbcsports.com/2014/09/02/evan-lysacek-figure-skating-olympics-retirement/ via @nzaccardi

New national figure skating role for Bristol's Robin Cousins | Bristol Post http://po.st/OHFCdY #FigureSkating

Figure skating medal sweep no fluke, says Japan Olympic champ http://sports.yahoo.com/news/figure-skating-medal-sweep-no-fluke-says-japan-090752437--oly.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory via @YahooSports #FigureSkating

OK I love #figureskating & #Musicals but really... The 11 Most Insane Lyrics From the Tonya Harding Musical (Yes, There Is a Tonya Harding Musical) http://eonli.ne/UngfrH via @eonline

#FigureSkating #WorldCup #Soccer #KurtBrowning #Canada #Brazil Interesting article on winning/losing combacks, and what it all means.. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Soccer/WorldCup/2014/07/11/21801926.html?cid=rsssportsslam!%20sports

Congrats Bill Fauver & Scott Hamilton

#FigureSkating Check out a new website from US, World Champ & Olympic medalist Debi Thomas! Via Debi: I'm coming out of the woodwork to try and help our young up and coming skaters learn some invaluable techniques that all elite athletes use to achieve excellence. Help spread the word by sharing my new website: www.competitiveedgesecrets.com.

#FigureSkating #TeamUSA #olympics US Pair Skaters Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir End Partnership, Will Keep Skating http://www.justjaredjr.com/2014/05/27/us-pair-skaters-marissa-castelli-simon-shnapir-end-partnership-will-keep-skating/ via @JustJaredJr

@KurtBrowning @SoniaNBOC #figureskating #Canada
Wish I could be with you Sonia Rodriguez & Kurt Browning! HELLO! Canada's 'Most Beautiful' Gala a Destination for Celebrities - Yahoo Finance Canada https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/hello-canadas-most-beautiful-gala-140600616.html via Yahoo Finance Canada

Kurt Browning Sonia Rodriguez LOVE YOU @sonianboc @KurtBrowning ! <3 John #Canada #FigureSkating http://ca.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/gallery/0201405237455/inside-hello-canada-s-most-beautiful-party-all-the-photos/11

Mao Asada to take a year off from #figureskating http://sports.yahoo.com/news/mao-asada-off-figure-skating-062946639--spt.html?soc_src=mediacontentsharebuttons via @YahooSports #Japan #Olympics

No prom for Gracie Gold, no hard feelings from her would-be date #FigureSkating #StarsOnIce http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/olympics-fourth-place-medal/no-prom-for-gracie-gold--no-hard-feelings-from-her-would-be-date-125534182.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory via @YahooSports

#figureskating #USFS U.S. Figure Skating
Sam Auxier has been elected President, U.S. Figure Skating by wide margin over Ron Pfenning. Blazing Blades congratulations President Auxier...

#FigureSkating #OLYMPICS  Figure Skating friends PLEASE SIGN HERE TO #RejectCinquanta #SaveTheShortProgram : http://chn.ge/1lR54AW

News in regard to #FigureSkating #RejectCinquanta #ISU petition: http://www.arirang.co.kr/News/News_View.asp?nseq=160808
#FigureSkating #OLYMPICS  friends PLEASE SIGN HERE TO #RejectCinquanta #SaveTheShortProgram : http://chn.ge/1lR54AW

Cinquanta’s Radical Proposals: Why No Public Statement From U.S. Figure Skating? http://wp.me/p3DwOz-34 via @wordpressdotcom #FigureSkating

Figure Skating-ISU president must quit before sport dies #FigureSkating http://sports.yahoo.com/news/figure-skating-isu-president-must-quit-sport-dies-180245985--spt.html?soc_src=mediacontentsharebuttons via @YahooSports

Mar 30 at 3:44 PM
RT if you love  #olympics or
#FigureSkating #irony Here's the rub, Mr. Ottavio Chinquanta , the Italian President of the International Skating Union (ISU) seems to want to eliminate the short program from championship events...

If his wish had been granted at last week's 2014 World Championships in Japan, neither medal won by his native Italian team members would've been awarded.
Gold in Ice Dance to Anna Cappelini & Luca Lannotte
Bronze in Ladies to Carolina Kostner

In fact, Italian skaters would won no medals at all...
Just wondering if he would like to reconsider ?

The sport I love seems to be disappearing ! I hate that!

Check these links out:
1)  http://my.chicagotribune.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-79726589

And 2)


And 3) Skating community adds pressure on ISU leadership http://p.ost.im/8uyUcQ via @worldskating #FigureSkating

#FigureSkating #RejectCinquanta Please Sign, Share & RT:
Ottavio Cinquanta, President, ISU: Requesting the resignation of Ottavio Cinquanta from the presidency of the International Skating Union
#FigureSkating #OLYMPICS  Figure Skating friends PLEASE SIGN HERE TO #RejectCinquanta #SaveTheShortProgram : http://chn.ge/1lR54AW

#RIP Hey #FigureSkating Friends,
So sad to hear of the passing of Peter Burrows!
He was always kind to us... and we know he will be missed by the entire skating community...  For those who don't know Peter Burrows was the coach of many champions skaters (along with my dear friend Mary Lynn Gelderman) such as Elaine Zayak, Mike Chack, Kyoko Ina & Jason Dungjen... and even Dorothy Hamill at one time... He'll be missed by all of them and the entire skating community! RIP...
Love always,

The silver lining behind Americans' medal-less worlds -- espnW http://espn.go.com/espnw/news-commentary/article/10710449/the-silver-lining-americans-medal-less-worlds-espnw via @espnW #figureskating #TeamUSA

Good Luck Meryl Davis and Charlie White! See them on #DWTS... Then, see them live in Stars on Ice... Go to http://starsonice.com for info about YOUR CITY... If Anaheim or San Diego... See ya there... but you'll love them wherever you see them... http://abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/cast-announcement?linkId=7599248
More on DWTS:

Does anyone know of video of #FigureSkating #OLYMPICS Team medal ceremony ... (#TeamUSA : Bronze) Please email webmaster@jhbonline.net with info. Thank you, John :)

#FigureSkating Stars on Ice USA’S DAVIS AND WHITE HEADLINE THE 2014 CAST OF STARS ON ICE Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, Mirai Nagasu Jeremy Abbott &More... http://starsonice.com/ SEE IT LIVE!
#Olympics #TeamUSA #FigureSkating Stars near you! SEE THEM LIVE IN PERSON... Pre-show meet & greet tix available @ http://starsonice.com

Missed any of & on ? Catch up on all of their performances here:

Olympic ice dancing champions honored in Canton - Fox 2 News Headlines#.Ux4LqkNjRrc.twitter http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/24928129/olympic-ice-dancing-champions-honored-in-canton#.Ux4NhKBdr-d.twitter #figureskating #dwts

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With Dorothy Hamill
@ Stars On Ice 2013

#Olympics Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill looks back on #FigureSkating career: http://www.denverpost.com/classics/ci_25308428/figure-skater-dorothy-hamill-became-olympic-golden-girl?source=rss

Figure Queen Yuna Kim Officially Retires at the Ice Show in May - Yahoo Celebrity Philippines http://ph.celebrity.yahoo.com/news/figure-queen-yuna-kim-officially-retires-at-the-023558245.html #FigureSkating

South Korea to file complaint to skating body over Sochi judges http://news.yahoo.com/south-korea-file-complaint-skating-body-over-sochi-114825368--oly.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory via @YahooNews #figureskating #olympics


Caydee Denney injured! Welcome to U.S. Figure Skating http://usfigureskating.org/Story.asp?id=50032&type=media#.Uys9lO4nQYA.twitter #figureskating #TeamUSA

So glad Ashley Wagner got to attend #Oscars one year to the day we met at #StarsOnIce! Happy Anniversary @AshWagner2010... See you at Stars on Ice in May. #Coincedence

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Report Card: A is for Ashley! http://movies.yahoo.com/photos/oscars-2014-red-carpet-report-card-1393815062-slideshow/ashley-wagner-photo-1393805980013.html?soc_src=sh via Yahoo Movies

Article concerning Olympic Medalist Ashley Wagner

#figureskating #Olympics #Sochi2014 #TeamUSA
How the Sochi Games changed figure skating forever http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/olympics-fourth-place-medal/skating-controversy-175518610.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory via @YahooSports #figureskating #olympics


#FigureSkating: Kurt Browning comments on use of "Vocals"; Nice photo of Ashley Wagner http://olympictalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/19/a-new-sounds-coming-to-figure-skating-next-year-vocal-music/

It was a tough weekend but so proud of our amazing US OLYMPIC FIGURE SKATING TEAM ...Best Wishes for Sochi! Our team:

Wagner forges ahead through season of change | Awesome sportsmanship... So proud of Ashley Wagner  & Mirai Nagasu GO #TeamUSA  #olympics http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2014/01/24/67057798?tcid=tw_share via @icenetwork

PROFILE-Olympics-Figure skating-Davis and White ready to excel http://sports.yahoo.com/news/profile-olympics-figure-skating-davis-white-ready-excel-164822243--spt.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory via @YahooSports #FigureSkating #TeamUSA #olympics

Why Ashley Wagner is one of my heroes. Don't always agree with Christine Brennan but this time we're on the same page! Always respect both of these women though Ashley Wagner faces the music about expectations http://usat.ly/1hNhVVu via @usatoday

Further congrats to my friend Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada USA 2014 & and to Alexa Taylor, Miss Nevada Teen USA 2014! I know they'll do well at Miss USA & Miss Teen USA respectively!

#figureskating "Push Dick's Button" by 2-time Olympic Champ & TV commentator Dick Button NOW available on Amazon.com & Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Push-Dicks-Button-Conversation-Century--/dp/1494223473/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1386877795&sr=1-1&keywords=push+dicks+button

2016 World  Championships in BOSTON!

The ISU announced this morning that Boston has been provisionally named as host for Worlds '16!

Boston chosen as site for 2016 skating worlds - 7NEWS Boston News WHDH-TV 7NEWS WHDH.COM More here... #figureskating #Olympics

#FigureSkating #Boston Boston awarded 2016 World Championships http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130610&content_id=50218298&vkey=ice_pressrelease&tcid=tw_share via @icenetwork

Evan Lysacek
scheduled for Skate America


#Figure Skating Royal Glenora Closing!So sorry..  http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/FigureSkating/2013/01/13/20492811.html
Received in Reply from US, World & OLYMPIC champ, Kristi Yamaguchi ( #DWTS champ too..)
John Baker John Baker @jhbonline 14 Jan
#Figure Skating Royal Glenora Closing!So sorry.. @KurtBrowning @kristiyamaguchi @gajUt @worldskating slam.canoe.ca/Slam/FigureSka…

Kristi Yamaguchi
@jhbonline @KurtBrowning @gajUt @worldskating incredibly sad. Echoing Kurt, RGC wz more than just training ice,but home for us.#bestmemories

Men's figure skating debates the importance of the quadruple jump http://gu.com/p/3ymz2/tw via @guardian #figureskating


Russian teen shrugs off injury for title | Bangkok Post: news http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/sports/328258/russian-teen-shrugs-off-injury-for-title
Struggling Plushenko earns title | The Japan Times Online: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/rss/sp20121228f1.html#.UN3p5mHyTmE.twitter

Kurt Browning


Ashley Wagner

“@USFigureSkating: Mahbanoozadeh added to Skate America, Lysacek withdrew today due to injury:

RIP Barbara Ann Scott of Canada, 1948 Olympic Gold Medalist Olympic champion skater Scott dies at 84 http://espn.go.com/olympics/figureskating/story/_/id/8448290/olympic-champion-skater-barbara-ann-scott-canada-dies-84
Condolences to Jason Smith Iris Rogers and my other Canadian & Figure Skating friends....

Kulik’s Skating, new training facilitiy for figure skating only check the website at http://www.kuliksskating.com.

 Nicks accepts Coach of the Year with dry humor http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120525&content_id=32206844&vkey=ice_news&tcid=tw_share via @icenetwork
Congrats to my friend, Kat Arbour, too!

Lysacek returns!

ISU OKs vocal music, announces event locations http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120618&content_id=33493786&vkey=ice_news&tcid=tw_share via @icenetwork


Welcome to U.S. Figure Skating: http://bit.ly/HZcAJa #TeamUSA earns silver at World team trophy

Figure skater Patrick Chan doesn't win first major event since 2010 - More Sports - SI.com http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/more/news/20120420/world-team-trophy-figure-skating/

@StarsONICE Congrats to my figure skating friends Silvia Fontana & John Zimmerman welcome their first child, a girl, Sofia born Mon, April 2 at 11:33 pm 7pounds
8 ounces 21" Silvia, John and Sofia are all healthy and getting much needed sleep!

Kurt Browning Website: New URL! New Design!

Sorry to read is no longer going to air due to budget cuts! Thanks @KurtBrowning for 3 grt seasons!

Michelle Kwan elected to U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame - More Sports - SI.com http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/more/12/15/Michelle-Kwan-figure-skating-HOF.ap/index.html

Kurt Browning
& Me

Shibutani (USA) win their 1st Grand Prix Gold

#Olympics #Skating #NBC retains Olympic TV rights: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110607/ap_en_tv/us_ioc_us_tv_rights

Royal Glenora Club celebrates 50 Years http://t.co/WSjiNqg via @icenetwork


Figure Skating: Kurt Browning joins SOI 25th Anniversary U.S. Tour cast! http://www.starsonice.com/?content=tour_news&id=3139  http://kurtbrowning.jhbonline.net  See Lysacek, Gordeeva, Belbin/Agosto & More! 

Samuelson & Bates to miss Grand Prix season:

My Friend 1984 OLYMPIAN, Scott Gregory has written a book, check out: http://www.scottgregoryolympian.com/sgregory-overview.htm
#Skating: '84 Olympian Scott Gregory's motivational book is now available! My book is fianally out. You can buy it at http://www.scottgregoryolympian.com/
If you want a signed autograph copy you can get that when you buy the book. Please let me know what you think I value your opinion. I think it going to be a... great inspirational book. Let all your friends know about it.Thanks,Scott

#Skating Kurt Browning @KurtBrowning -- My Prayers and Best Wishes to Kurt & Family: http://www.torontosun.com/news/torontoandgta/2010/08/18/15061521.html
Blaze guts Browning's Toronto home
AFP via Yahoo! News Wed, 18 Aug 2010 11:50 AM PDT
A fire gutted the Toronto mansion of Canadian figure skating champion Kurt Browning in the city's Forest Hills neighborhood on Wednesday, an official said as the blaze still flared.

Kurt Browning's Toronto home hit by fire
CBC.ca Wed, 18 Aug 2010 10:36 AM PDT
Fire crews say a leaf blower is to blame for a major blaze at the Toronto home of former Canadian figure-skating champion Kurt Browning and his wife, Sonia Rodriguez, the National Ballet's principal dancer.


Skating: Kim hires Oppegard: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/rss/sp20101007f1.html


Bangkok Post : Advance search
Bangkok Post - Thailand's English news Mon, 19 Jul 2010 02:27 AM PDT
1. news | 19/07/2010 ┬╗ South Korea's figure skating Olympic gold medallist Kim Yu-Na said Monday she will skip the upcoming Grand Prix series and focus instead on next year's world championships.

Skating queen Yuna puts retirement plans on ice
The Standard Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:06 PM PDT
Figure skating Olympic gold medallist Kim Yuna, pictured, will compete in next year's world championships in Japan, quashing speculation she might ret...

Former Figure Skater Lauren Rabinowitz crowned Miss Massachusettes!
tried USA last year now goes to Miss America: http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100701&content_id=11805600&vkey=ice_news

   Three-time U.S. Champion Johnny Weir to Sit Out 2010-11 Competitive Season http://ping.fm/JW9mP

@SI_24Seven - ISU pulls Plushenko's eligibility over exhibitions - http://bit.ly/93AilT

Olympic skater  Scott Hamilton has surgery for benign brain tumor -... http://fb.me/ytoIVOHd


Canada receives 2013 figure skating worlds
TSN Mon, 21 Jun 2010 08:00 AM PDT
Please read the full story on TSN.ca for the latest details

London, Ontario awarded 2013 world figure skating championships
ESPN Mon, 21 Jun 2010 07:58 AM PDT
The 2013 world figure skating championships have been awarded to London, Ontario in Canada by the International Skating Union.

Figure skating shakes-up schedule http://tgam.ca/0AR (via @globeandmail)


Canadian figure skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier are getting a divorce. The couple made the announcement... -



Kwan to be commencement speaker at Southern Vermont College: http://ping.fm/hMlUV

Memorable Olympic GoldMedal Skating Performances | Parade.com:http://bit.ly/azhHpk via @addthis

MOSCOW -- Olympic figure skating silver medallist Evgeni Plushenko says he plans to skate at the Sochi 2014 Games in ...
TSN Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:19 PM PDT
Plushenko said Monday in comments carried by Russian state news agencies that he had "proved" his ability during the Vancouver Games, where he narrowly finished second to American Evan Lysacek.

Joannie Rochette, Vancouver figure skating bronze medalist, won't compete at worlds
ESPN Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:18 PM PDT
The toll from skating at the Winter Olympics days after her mother's death finally has worn down bronze medalist Joannie Rochette.

Joannie Rochette dealt devastating news | NBC Olympics - http://www.nbcolympics.com/news-features/news/newsid=436004.html-- My sympathies to Joannie & family!!!!!!!

Dancing with the Stars on Ice: ABC Moving Forward with Ice Dancing Series
seattlepi.com Fri, 05 Mar 2010 08:41 AM PST
Are you ready to go ice-dancing with the stars? ABC's previously announced figure skating spin-off of Dancing with the Stars will now feature ice dancing, BBC Worldwide Productions said. ABC developing skating version of Dancing with the Stars The as-yet-untitled ...

ISU picks Nice to host 2012 worlds
The Japan Times Tue, 01 Dec 2009 12:57 PM PST
LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) The 2012 World Figure Skating Championships will be held in Nice, France. The International Skating Union has scheduled the annual competition to take place in the Mediterranean resort city from March 26-April 1 that year.

The Futon Critic Mon, 30 Nov 2009 12:16 PM PST
Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Kurt Browning will co-host the event with Kristi Yamaguchi and Dick Button serving as judges.




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