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..,,And now married with twins on the way!!!!!

Congrats George and Amal on the birth of Alexander and Ella ! https://twitter.com/laurenmerola/status/872182250057732097 Our story http://www.jhbonline.net/tv/id6.html

I'm not a doctor... but I play one on TV!"
--George Clooney


My mother and I were fortunate enough to attend filmings of Murphy Brown during the series final four seasons. Murphy's neighbor at Warner Bros. studios was the popular medical series, ER.

We were a bit early for one of the last shows (February 20, 1998) and decided to take a farewell walk around the studio lot, when we saw George Clooney shooting baskets outside the soundstage. After a few moments, he walked over and said: Hi, I'm George!" (Like we didn't know that.) "Are you lost from the (studio) tour?". We explained about Murphy, but also said we watched ER faithfully, and asked if I could have my picture taken with him. George graciously obliged, even though I mentioned watching him on The Facts of Life. Something he is apparently not very proud of. I don't understand why.)

George, then, asked: Have you ever been in our set? I replied I knew it was a closed set and you couldn't just go in.
"You can if you're with me," he smiled.
Then I noticed only stairs leading up to the entrance. Wheelchairs and stairs are basically incompatible.
"Do you trust me?" George asked. "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV!"
Normally, I don't like strangers to lift my chair... but how could I refuse!!!


The next thing I knew, we were inside the ER. It is unusual because it is a contiguous set with actual hallways, rooms, closets, etc -- even a ceiling with permanent lighting actually used for filming.

In addition to the directors, producers and crew members who were busily running about, george introduced us to two of his fellow actors, Noah Wyle and Maria Bello. Both of them were very kind. Noah asked George where he found us. George explained about Murphy Brown.
Noah quipped:So, we werent your first choice!

George continued to push my chair throghout the soundstage, explaining things in minute detail. He's an outstanding tour guide. Though I don't rememember much due to the excitement of it all!

Then, it was time for us to go back to Murphy. Once outside, we thanked George for his time and trouble, but how do you really thank someone for an experience like that.

I'll never forget that day... or the unbelieveable kindness of George Clooney!

Clooney Encounter #2:
Twice In A Lifetime

October 8, 1999
Something unexpected happened when we went to visit Faith Ford on the set of "Norm." Mom and I took my sister, Jeanne, along. She had been to tapings of both Murphy Brown and Maggie Winters, so she had met Faith previously. And she had the night off from her job at Disneyland, so she thought she would join us. She got a big surprise!

We got to the Warner Brothers studios as usual. As we approached Faith, we noticed that she was talking to some people. One of them was Laurie Metcalf. Faith's assistant, Hillary, was also there. But someone else was hidden in the corner. When we got a few steps closer, Mom said to my sister: "Don't have a heart attack!" I couldn't understand what she was talking about. I got close enough to greet Hillary and Faith before I heard: "Hey, Buddy!" And turned to realize it was George! (Jeanne is a big fan and she wasn't around the last time I met George.) I was shocked! I never expected to see him again. Mom asked if he remembered us. George said "Sure!", but I still wasn't convinced. George seems very sincere, and was, again, being extremely friendly but it had been more than a year and a half. No one could be expected to remember Could they? Then, Mom introduced him to Jeanne, who was very excited!

Anyway, George kept asking about my health, etc. It was as if we had seen each other just the other day. He asked me what I was doing there. "I know you used to go to Murphy Brown", he said. (OK, so he did remember. ) He looked at Faith, "Oh!"

Faith explained about our time at "Murphy", moving on to "Maggie Winters" and now "supporting her" at "Norm." I said, "We just follow her where she leads us."
George laughed, "Watch out. She'll get a restraining order"
"Never!" Faith interjected.
George turned to me: "That's OK, she'll have to get one for me, too."

Since this was Faith's last night at "Norm", talk turned to her upcoming play,Crimes of the Heart" (also starring Crystal Bernard and being directed by Garry Marshall at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, California). We also talked about George's current film, "Three Kings". Ironically, Mom and I had just seen the movie the day before. I told George I liked it, Faith hadn't seen it yet. Soon, it was time to get back to work-- Faith and Laurie to the "Norm", and George to his office, which was apparently just around the corner. So, we said our good-byes to George, and were off to the set of "Norm."



August 25, 2000

I had occasion to have an interesting chat with Alex Kingston (Dr.Elizabeth Corday) outside the ER set on my way to visit Faith at "Norm" again. She told me how nervous she was making her debut on the show during the infamous "LIVE" episodes. She said she'd seen that show and preffered the more recent episodes. Though she does not have a favorite, she has enjoyed the growth of her character, and the on-screen romance with Dr.Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), who was busy giving a tour to some personal guests as we were speaking. After leaving Benton (Eriq La Salle) behind, Kingston is afraid Dr. Carter might be next. "That would be odd, wouldn't it?" she asked. Then, the gracious actress was called back to the set.

September 15, 2000

This time, Mom and I encountered Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter) during his dinner break, during which he kindly offered for us to join him. We had just eaten, so we declined. He did not immediately remember having met me previously but was extremely friendly anyway. He seems happy with the way things are going yet he is very busy. Mostly we discussed Faith Ford who was ER's neighbor during her Murphy Brown days. Noah had seen her around the studio lot, but wasn't aware she was a regular on Norm. He was pleased for her. Then, he had to go back to work.




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