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Rick Hearst on VH1 "Daytime Divas" Monday June 12 , 10 pm
And rerun throughout the week




#NursesBall2015 Good News: Rick Sings Bad News : The Reveal

Posted by General Hospital Exposed on Friday, May 1, 2015

Spoilers: Week of April 6th | General Hospital - ABC.com @RickHearst @RebeccaBudig #TeamRicGH #GH http://abc.go.com/shows/general-hospital/video/VDKA0_yef04d2i Join Rick's Official FB group:

 #TeamRicGH @rickhearst Rick Hearst
#GHFCW according to the fan club website,  Rick Hearst has event scheduled for Monday of fan club weekend! I have no other info but here's the link
As it says. Contact Debby O'Connor at
for details!

   Great work by Rick Hearst​ and Laura Wright​  Ric vs Carly
 join  Rick Hearst Official Fan Group  Here  

   Great work by Rick Hearst​ and Laura Wright​  Ric vs Carly
 join  Rick Hearst Official Fan Group  Here  

12/3/14: #GH #GHNOW #TeamRicGH #Finally YAY #TeamRicGH  Via Ron Carlivati @carlivatiron  5m5 minutes ago 
"There's something I should tell you about Ric. ...He's alive." -- Anna Devane, #GH
@GeneralHospital https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/

#GHFanFeb #TeamRicGH @rickhearst Rick Hearst
#GHFCW according to the fan club website,  Rick Hearst has event scheduled for Monday of fan club weekend! I have no other info but here's the link
As it says. Contact Debby O'Connor at
for details!

Hope to see @RickHearst on #GH NOW! with Nancy Lee Grahn @NancyLeeGrahn @GeneralHospital http://abc.go.com/shows/general-hospital/video/latest-gh-videos/VDKA0_jpykhyhe jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html

The "Youthful Daze" website: http://www.youthfuldaze.com/

Rick Hearst  @RickHearst
on "Youthful Daze"
Web Soap ‘Youthful Daze’ Snags Trevor St. John, Chrishell Stause, Rick Heart and Bryan Craig! (VIDEO): http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2014/10/web-soap-youthful-daze-snags-trevor-st-john-chrishell-stause-rick-heart-bryan-craig via @SoapOperaNetwrk
But keep Tweeting @ValentiniFrank @CarlivatiRon to get him back on #GH TOO!

Still tweet @ValentiniFrank & @CarlivatiRon and tell them you want him Back on @GeneralHospital #GH SOON TOO! Join #TeamRicGH

As you may have heard, we are in the EARLY stages of planning a Chat with Rick! but please be aware: this will be a joint venture between. Rick's official FB Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/
and Rick Hearst / Ric Lansing Fan Group
So, you may want to join both groups, if you haven't already!
It'll be awhile...Rick has obligations for the next few weeks (at least)...appearances, family, etc... And NONE of us (including Rick) have done this before SO we need to figure a few things out... but we'll try to get it together SOON! Please bare with us and try to be patient! I know it's exciting, so we appreciate you support... lots of details yet to finalize... Thanks, John :)

#GeneralHospital #LiRic #GH #BringRicBackNOW #TeamRicGH @rickhearst @valentinifrank @carlivatiron @GeneralHospital Rick Hearst Official Fan Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/
John Baker, Co-Administrator with Rick

Rick Hearst #GH #GeneralHospital Interview BLOG TALK RAADIO

 #GH #GHFCW #GeneralHospital #Liric my photos @rickhearst @haley_pullos event @jimmydee14 http://www.jhbonline.net/tv/id42.html #BringRicBackNOW #TeamRicGH I plan to write a recap, but it may take awhile!

Please tweet, FB, SKYWRITE, whatever...often... Time to #bringRicBackNow To #GH @valentinifrank @carlivatiron @rickhearst Join #TeamRicGH https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/ @GeneralHospital #liric
:) John Baker, http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html
Thanks! Rick Hearst General Hospital

Ok #gh fans time to tweet #bringricbacknow #Liric #TeamRicGH
 To @carlivatiron @valentinifrank @GeneralHospital TWEET TODAY & EVERYDAY! thanks :)
Come on...do it TODAY
Please Share/RT #GH @GeneralHospital @rickhearst fans use #TeamRicGH #BringRicBackNOW @CarlivatiRon @ValentiniFrank and please join us at:

#GH Read Port Charles Press http://waterstreetmusic.com/men-of-general-hospital-tyler-christopher-rick-hearst-and-jason-thompson Thanks @RickHearst #TeamRicGH #BringRicBackNow #GH Our Rick Hearst event info was picked up by PortCharlesPress.com! John Co- admin Rick Hearst Offficial FB Fan Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/


To support Rick, please tweet: @SoapsInDepthABC  @CarlivatiRon @ValentiniFrank @rickhearst @generalhospital I've developed a new social media hashtag #TeamRicGH  Who's with me? John, http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html Also join
Please Share/RT #GH @GeneralHospital @rickhearst fans use #TeamRicGH https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/ 

#GH General Hospital #GH #TeamRickGH @RickHearst, @HaleyPullos and I will be there...will you?
 Join TV Father and Daughter as they share their experiences on and off camera and what it's been like to be "reunited" after so long. Get Tickets at http://www.yournumberonefan.com

Also, Kim Sobel reports there is an article about Rick in Soap Opera Digest
 this week! Thanks Kim.. Thank you SOD!
Rick Hearst Haley Alexis Pullos  :) John https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/

Rick Herbst Congrats Rick Hearst !
Everyone please TWEET! @valentinifrank @carlivatiron ‪#‎BringRicBackNow‬ ‪#‎TeamRicGH‬ ‪#‎GHfan‬ ‪#‎gh‬ @GeneralHospital General Hospital — with Rick Hearst.


June 2, 2014:

#GH #TeamRicGH Nancy Lee Grahn on twitter today     @NancyLeeGrahn 
"Molly's right. (about Ric) There I said it. @haley_pullos But just this time."
Gotta love Nancy!
Join us at #TeamRicGH : Rick Hearst Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/

Vote for Rick, Rick & Liz, Molly. Etchttp://t.co/LGacKpUR9n #TeamRicGH... http://t.co/F7Pp2fX85h

— John Baker (@jhbonline) April 15, 2014

 Great times at Rick Hearst official fan group... https://www.facebook.com/groups/rickhearstofficialfangroup/ Respectful and fun posts ENCOURAGED!
John Baker, Administrator
My Unofficial Rick Website: http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html

One note though:

Please do not conduct personal business on this page... or anywhere in this group... This is Rick's group for fans!(These posts will be deleted! Don't make me do that! EG..spam or selling items!) Limit this to your own pages or private messages... PLEASE! But have fun discussing Rick & GH! Thanks, John & Rick :)



Rick returns to General Hospital February 24, 2014! At last!
Click here for more!
@RickHearst #GH finally got it right... counting the days! Rick Hearst Returning to 'General Hospital':  http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2014/01/rick-hearst-returning-to-general-hospital

  • Please support my buddy, Rick, on #GH #GH50
    From Rick:

    Thanks everyone for consistently supporting me. I am thrilled to be back at General Hospital. Feel free to ask others to join this group as well as tweet to @valentinifrank and @carlivatiron on twitter. If you haven't already liked my fan page do me favor and run over there. Wanna build up our likes. https://www.facebook.com/rickhearstofficialpage. New site coming with lots of content. Vids, Pics, Streaming Interviews, etc.

    PS I also have my own UNOFFICIAL RICK SITE @ http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html if interested...

Accidently deleted myself from this group yesterday .... darn ipad! Thanks Rick for bringing me back... oops! Don't forget to follow @RickHearst @ValentiniFrank & @CarlivatiRon on twitter... See you on GH, Rick!

Jhbonline.net is now on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/jhbonlinenet

EVENT Confirmed for MONDAY, AUG. 4 Check HERE for details!

Huge shift coming. I have been hard at work moving this page to a new Fan Page. I am anxious to have everyone come over there. I will have to shut this one down as I am not over here that much. So, don't miss out as I want to make sure that we stay connected. https://www.facebook.com/rickhearstofficialpage?ref=ts&fref=ts New video too: 3 Time Emmy Winner Rick Hearst http://paradigmmarketing.evsuite.com/rick-hearst-demo-reel-001/
via @sharethis
PLEASE PASS ON! Join @RickHearst Official fan group. The First Official Facebook Fan Group for the talented General Hospital 2- Emmy Winning Actor... and proud to say, My buddy... Rick's Group... NOT MINE... Just to clarify! Open to all! Tell your friends.. https://www.facebook.com/jhbonline#!/groups/381407791967517/

Deepest sympathy to Rick and his entire family on the recent passing of Rick's stepfather,Shelly Pollin. He was a very kind man! He will be missed...
(August 2012)

Rick Hearst interview Aug. 2012

 Direct from: Rick Hearst
I rarely find myself over here and I know that many of you across the world have been looking for ways to be able to connect with me. Come see what I am looking to get global with soon. Re working my website. Most of the content needs to be updated. So, one of the tabs will have a live broadcast channel. Now, no matter where you are. I can pop in from time to time and chat. Many of you are not sure it's me, well here is your chance to get up close and personal. Tell me what you think and pass it on!

Or just click HERE!



Time to get Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) back on #GH (General Hospital) @wildmook @rickherbst1 Fill out a comment form: http://t.co/EYHQBdP

Photos from Rick's 2011 Fan Event HERE!

The Official Fansite of Rick Hearst: (aka WHIP JONES, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) IS NOW AT:

Coffee Break with Rick Hearst 2011c Event Photos:

More Reasons Why Soaps are Dying ... Bad Decisions! Don't worry Rick Hearst: Maybe Garin Wolf and General Hospital might know what to do with you! http://cbs.soapsindepth.com/2011/05/another-bb-star-sidelined.html

Via Rick Hearst on FB:
Good Morning All! My apologies for having to cancel this coming weekends Boston Appearance. We are currently planning a gathering during GH fan club weekend. Contact Debby O'Connor at yournumberonefan.com. We are looking to converge the CBS and ABC world of all fans. Maybe if we ban together we can form our own network

Whip (Rick Hearst @Wildmook) in todays B&B preview #BB 5-17-22: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6Ut7VKJAYk&feature=player_embedded

Rick Hearst The Bold and the Beautiful fans tweet support/ideas with the tag: #PoorWhipNeedsAStory

Via Rick Hearst on FB:
Be on the lookout in CBS Soap's in Depth for the article on my directorial debut with Peter Pan.
cbs soapsindepth
Rick Hearst may not be getting much airtime as 's Whip, but we got a glimpse at his secret passion in the new issue.
ON SALE April 11!

My Friends Rick Hearst &Shelley Hennig (Miss TEEN USA'04) are both pre-nominated for a daytime Emmy: Congrats on your Emmy...pre nom!
Miss USA is supposed to be the same night in Vegas! Hmmm...

Join Rick Hearst on a quest to improve overall well-being: http://rherbst.bodybyvi.com/
Join Rick, is his 90-day get healthy challenge:

Congrats to Cameron Herbst on his acceptance to LA's High School for Performing Arts (LACHSA)! Further congrats to his amazing parents Rick Herbst aka Rick Hearst and Donna Smoot Herbst on raising 2 amazing & talented sons Cam & Older brother, Nick :)!

Week of Dec 24, 2010:
Congrats to Weekly's Applause winner, B&B's Rick Hearst (@):
Congrats, Rick! Well Deserved! :)

Rick Hearst | Current Cast | Bold and the Beautiful http://t.co/JdAw1W5  @wildmook @rickherbst1 http://rickhearst.jhbonline.net 
Loves Bold and Beautifuls new credits! Reminds me of a #MissUniverse opening!

You can also go to leave a Tweet for Rick, letting him know your feelings, at www.Twitter.com/wildmook or writing to him in care of the studio. 

Rick shares stories and recipes in the new Soap Dishes:  The Cookbook, on sale now at www.YourNumberOneFan.com.  Go there today, check it out, and place an order so you'll be one of the very first to receive it!  Makes a great holiday or birthday gift, or a great "it's been a tough week and I need a treat" gift for yourself!!  After all .... who deserves it more??

My friend Rick Hearst new video recipe blog: http://rickhearstfansite.com/201/eat-this/

On Sale June 21 CBS Soaps In Depth Official Page Magazine w/ article Rick Hearst (@Wildmook) "keepin' it real" as Whip on Bold And The Beautiful 

Wish this Guy, Rick Herbst( @wildmook on "Twitter" ) would run for Gov of CA: I'd endorse him!

Thanks To Rick Hearst (Herbst) @Wildmook & the entire Herbst family for a wonderful evening at "GREASE!" Nick, Cam, Donna & Rick all did a great job...BRAVO!!!!!


Find JHBonline.net on these Social Networking Websites:

Rick's New Facebook "Fan" Page:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=739877782&v=wall&story_fbid=421359752782#!/profile.php?id=100000980133127&ref=ts
 New address: (5/8/10)
Vote 4 Rick Hearst! And Whip/ Taylor!  http://cbs.soapsindepth.com/talkback/readerspoll/

 From Rick's Fan Club: Feb. 2010:
Good morning, everyone!
Just a quick note to let you know that Rick is working on his latest newsletter, and that when it comes out we will also include his 2010 calendar for the fan club.  If you've moved in the past year, or if you are due to renew but have not yet, now is the time to do it as we will not be sending mailings out to those who are past due this year.
Rick is also working on updating his website (finally!) and we want to make sure that all of the latest fan photos are included on his fan page.  So if you've got a new photo you would like included, with Rick or not, please email it to me at your earliest convenience to ensure that it doesn't get missed.
Finally .... how great was it to see Whip and Taylor's beautiful love scene last week?  Isn't it great to see him play a character in a healthy, happy relationship on a show??  Yay!!!  Be sure to write to the magazines and to the executives of B&B to let them know how much you liked it, and that you want to see more!!  Rick is having a fantastic time at B&B, and he loves working with Hunter Tylo, as well as his "cousin" Sarah Brown, so let's show our support by writing and letting them know that we like it, too.  And ... don't forget to drop Rick a note at the studio.  As you know, mail always counts!
Thank you for your continued support of Rick!  If you fell in love with him on GL or GH but haven't made the move over to B&B, now is absolutely the time to do it!
Hope you are having a great week!
Debby O

Also visit the official Whip/Taylor message board:




Rick and Your Webmaster, John Baker

Rick Hearst B&B fan message  board:
This site has received a few mentions --Thank you...

"Happy 2010 to all!"
My holiday newsletter is at http://jhbonline.net/specialfriends/id15.html
Now on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jhbonline or @jhbonline

He's Bold...He's Beautiful....He's Whip Jones!
Watch Rick on "The Bold and The Beautiful"
Weekdays on CBS!!!!!!

Good afternoon every, and Happy Holiday Week!
Just a quick note to let you know that Rick is now officially on Twitter.  Follow him at www.Twitter.com/Follow Rick Hearst now at @wildmook.
We are also getting his holiday cards ready for mailing.  We are taking a short break from the Gnome series, but we think you will absolutely LOVE this new shot.  If you have moved within the past year, please send me your new address so that you don't miss it.  We will be sending out the annual photo calendar as well, so get ready for a wonderful surprise in your mail boxes in the next couple of weeks!  If you received a renewal reminder with your last newsletter but have not signed up yet, now is the time as these special photos will be going to active memberships only. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and get ready for a special holiday season!
Debby O
Pres, Rick Hearst Fan Club

Hi everyone!
At a fan lunch a few weeks ago, Chris C came up with a great idea for an email campaign for Rick.  I'm passing it along to all of you to join in on, as it sounds like a lot of fun.  Chris also presented Rick with Craig Ferguson's book that day, which he immediately began reading and absolutely loved, so this seems like a campaign custom made for our Rick.  Details directly from Chris are as follows:
This is how I explained it to the few I e-mailed it to:
I've come up with an e-mail campaign to possibly get RH on Craig Ferguson's show.  Daniel  McVicar (BB) has been on numerous times (17, according to his site) and I'm asking for RH to be able to join McVicar the next time he pops in on Craig. 
I told Rick at FCW now that he's a CBS employee again, I wanted to get him on Craig's show!!
All we have to do is send an e-mail, every day, to CBS, saying: 
"Daniel McVicar Needs a Cohort on His Next Visit With Craig"
Hi Craig.  I love the skits with Daniel McVicar.  Do you think you'd consider letting actor Rick Hearst join in on the fun?  Rick Hearst used to be on "The Bold and the Beautiful" (CBS) years ago and has recently returned to show as Whipple "Whip" Jones.  You'd make a lot of soap fans happy!!  (And, yes, his character's name is really Whip!!)
Please log on to: http://www.cbs.com/late_late_show/. Then click"Email Craig."  Send every day (or as much as you can), using one of these subject lines -- you're typing in fields, no room for an actual subject line:
  • Daniel McVicar Needs a Cohort on His Next Visit With Craig; or
  • Daniel McVicar/Rick Hearst -- The Bold and the Beautiful Campaign (or make up your own if you're familiar with Craig's show) 
So go, join in the fun, and let's get Rick booked on late night!!
Do you have an idea for what to do for Rick?  Share your ideas!  Let's get some fun things started!!
Happy Holidays!
Debby O


NEW 2009 Rick Hearst Fan Event page here!

"When the hand is open to give, it is open to receive..."

With Rick....
@ Supersoap California '03




As of July 2009:

Whipple 'Whip' Jones, III, "The Bold & The Beautiful"

  • ex-Ric Lansing, "General Hospital"
  • ex- Alan-Michael Spading, "Guiding Light"
  • ex-Scott Banning, "Days Of Our Lives" ex- Matt Clark (aka Carter Mills), "The Young & Restless"
  • Lance Rubacky, "Maggie Winters".


July 22, 2009:
There's a new interview with Rick up on the Soap Opera Digest site today.  Please take a moment to go over to http://www.soapoperadigest.com/features/bold-and-beautiful/interviews/rick_hearst_whips_up_a_frenzy/.  Check it out, then drop them an email to let them know that you appreciate the coverage they've been giving to Rick.
And, if you've not read it already, also take a moment to read http://soapoperadigest.com/opinions/tom-stacy/.
We had a fantastic time at Rick's event on Sunday.  It was a celebration of his time on GH, and a look forward as many of us begin to tune in to B&B to see what's up with Whipple Jones, III ... and the magic that Rick brings to the screen with every performance.
I'm trying to get time with him to do a newsletter, so if you are in his fan club and you've moved within the past year, please email your new address to me so that I can update your records.  You won't want to miss it!
Debby O
Pres, RHFC

Good Morning:


It's Whipple Time! Rick Hearst returns to "B&B" this Friday, and in this new candid interview, the three-time Daytime Emmy Award winning actor not only tell fans what to look for from Jackie M's new PR Whiz, but also takes a look at his exit from his role as Ric on "GH", and the possibility he might have returned to "GL", as Alan-Michael for the end of its run, and more.


You can hear Ric in his own words by clicking on the audio feature at the top of the interview. as well

http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/article/articleItem.cfm?cms_article_id=107 - Rick


General Hospital's "Ric Lansing"
3-time Emmy Winner



New easy URL- find this page @

Rick Hearst 2008 Event Page now here



Rick's Official Website:
Appearance &  Official Fan Club Info:
Mailing Address:
Rick Hearst
"Whip Jones" --"The Bold & The Beautiful"
Studio 31
7800 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 

I am assuming you know that fans can join a FREE B&B Community w/ news, merchandise, podcasts, etc @ http://www.boldandbeautiful.com/

Whip Jones bio @ wikipedia.com:

Click photo to read Rick's TV Guide interview
Bradford Anderson news too!


History of Whip Jones from SoapCentral.com

Official word from Rick's fan club on our "Rick News" page here!

 Hearst Whips Back To B&B!

Hearst played Whip for six months in 2002.
It's official! Rick Hearst (Ric, GENERAL HOSPITAL) is heading back to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL! Days after GH confirmed that the Emmy winner will be leaving Port Charles in the coming weeks, B&B has announced that he will be reprising the role of Whip Jones. Hearst returns to the soap on Friday, July 17, when Stephanie brings Whip back to the US from his overseas post at Forrester International to work on Jackie M's new PR campaign.
Hearst Re-Joins 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Emmy winner Rick Hearst is returning to 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' reports TV Guide. Hearst will once again play Whipple "Whip" Jones in a new story arc loosely planned for a July 17 launch. Meanwhile, Hearst will continue his recurring role as Ric Lansing on ABC's 'General Hospital' "until at least May 27." There's your soap dish of the day. (May 11)



Rick's SOAPNET Bio

Fine Italian Cuisine
prepared by Rick's family


Click here for still more info!

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