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Mission Statement

January 20, 2019
Mission Statement

  • To promote a positive self image among those dealing with physical, emotional and mental/educational challenges and conditions.
  • To foster the idea that people should be accepted and given opportunities based upon what they can do (aka their abilities), rather than what they cannot do (aka “perceived disabilities”)
  • To create the understanding that each of have abilities (task we can accomplish; specific talents we may have) Therefore, we have ways we can contribute.
  • To promote the idea that all humans, by definition, have difficulty with certain ideas, tasks, concepts or situations. Therefore, to some extent, each of us has some sort of “disabilities.”
    To encourage people to be kind and supportive.
  • To do what we can if a peaceful, non-confrontational manner to insure that social, environmental, physical, and transportation barriers are minimal, so that everyone has the best opportunities possible to participate in activities (professional, educational, social, recreational, etc.) in order to improve quality of life

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