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Some pageants and skating

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It was a pretty good year here despite a few health issues for me, (Mom is fine.) we were able to attend Stars On Ice in Anaheim. We were treated to a front row seat on the ice! We also went to the meet and greet and were able to meet top Team USA skaters Maia and Alex Shibutani, Polina Edmunds, Adam Rippon, and Ryan Bradley.

I was also able to congratulate Ashley Wagner on her World Silver Medal and spend a few moments with Meryl and Charlie. I had previously met the latter three and it was so great to see them again. See here for .pdf format link.


Sorry Part 2 never materialized due to illness!

It is difficult to get to skating these days between, weather, illness, and pageants... but we are glued to TV and considering Nationals in San Jose.

We did manage a couple of pageants: Miss Teen USA 2016 in Las Vegas !


Miss California USA and Teen USA 2017, a few weeks ago in Long Beach. Still working on a web page for that! So far there is...

Another kidney stone surgery kept us from Miss USA in Las Vegas, which was particularly disappointing as the Professional Skaters Guild held their meeting at the same time and I could have seen some of my old skating friends too. I wish there were more skating events like the old days.

Anyway we wish you all the best in the coming year!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017! ������⛸

Take care and love always,

John, Joann and Shandi Baker

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