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My 2015: A look back...Well my friends, I can't say 2015 was my favorite year. Let's be honest I spent most of the Spring and Summer in and out of the hospital like a revolving door... And there was that one really close call.
Nevertheless, I had the support of family and close friends. Some of whom like Kurt Browning, Shanna Moakler and other skating  (Stars on Ice) and pageant (Miss Universe/ USA/ Teen USA) buddies even went to the trouble of making get well videos for me. They really helped!
And many others who found time to visit, send flowers or wish me well. ... Or other stuff like Nick and Nia! I love and appreciate each and every one of you!
I also had the help of wonderful doctors and nurses at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, especially Dr. Jamie Landman.
So 2015 was also the year that (although I missed some events I would've like to have attended) it was also the year I got to go to not one but two Miss Universe pageants. Since Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega (Colombia) was actually crowned in January 2015 in Florida and Pia Wurtzbach  (Philippines) was just recently crowned Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas!
Here's some photos from Doral, Florida
Haven't had time to work on my Vegas photos yet but they are coming soon, Please keep checking jhbonline.net
Another highlight was when my dear friends at Crowned One Productions
(Stevi Mc Shane & Liz Fogg) honored me by naming their " Spirit of Pageantry" award for me!
And so I wish you all a peaceful,  healthy and happy 2016 from The Bakers
John, Joann & Shandi
And jhbonline.net

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