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Owner/webmaster: http://jhbonline.net Mission: #Ok2bHappy #DisabledNOTUnable; USA state pageant judge #PageantGuru Love figure skating

Remember, disabled does Not mean unable! #DisabledNotUnable Is the mission of jhbonline.net Our focus is making people with disabilities (physical, emotional and educational) more visible in society...to increase awareness and create opportunity for greater participation. We also have areas focused on my personal experience in the fields of entertainment, figure skating and pageants!

In keeping eping with #DisabilityPrideMonth (July 2021) I have written an essay detailing just a few of my real world experiences dealing with #cerebralpalsy #cp #DisabledNotUnable Click here

The one resolution, which was in my mind long before it took the form of a resolution, is the key-note of my life. It is this, always to regard as mere impertinences of fate the handicaps which were placed upon my life almost at the beginning. I resolved that they should not crush or dwarf my soul, but rather be made to blossom, like Aaron's rod, with flowers.
~ Helen Keller


Air travel in wheelchair made easier!Oh god! I hope so! my dream! #disabledNOTunable someday for when this quarantine ends... https://www.aviationpros.com/engines-components/aircraft-airframe-accessories/interiors/press-release/21130472/molon-labe-seating-new-airline-seat-design-will-allow-disabled-passengers-to-fly-in-their-own-wheelchairs Oh god! I hope so! my dream! #disabledNOTunable

Read Mamas Boy, by Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, very inspiring for everyone But especially Disabled people and LGBTQ...more here...

NOTE: Personal photos Not meant to imply celebrities endorsements


Congratulations #RoryMcilroy #golf

Rory wins 2019 PGA Player of the Year! Read here!

‪So glad one of your dreams came true Rory! Player of the year! Third time!‬
‪Here’s one of mine Rory McIlroy : Bucket List Dream #2 (Revision) via @YouTube‬

‪Congratulations ��! �� ‬

I just thought this was really cool!
Rory fans click here!

Read More About #DisabledNOTUnable Here!

I worry about a future in which we have trial by social media rather than #DueProcess Some are guilty, others are not but as Elle Woods said in #LegallyBlonde:
“Don’t you have to have like....Evidence?”

Someone just told me:

“A closed mouth doesn’t get fed!”
So true...

That said I’m happy to be past the age where I feel the need to share every opinion and feeling on social media.

I worry we have forgotten how to be happy!,
Im my opinion, it is one of the causes in the rise of anxiety among young people...and even us older folks ! Is that really helping anyone or anything?

John, JHBonline.net

Toward that end...
Just my two cents....for what it’s worth...
‪I understand that people feel they are offering advice in the best interest of others, but fellow adults, I believe that what you eat, like who you love it up to you. No one know what is best for You Except You!
#doYOU #BeYourself‬

Something About I’ve recently discovered:

Don’t know if it’s already been said but makes sense to me!

IN my experience, it takes more than simply pointing out a problem to change things! The next step is finding a path toward change.

For example, make a list of realistic steps or objectives that YOU can achieve toward your goal.... and take action one objective at a time, so you don’t feel overwhelmed!

Posting and tweeting are a great start to expressing yourself but inspiring yourself creates lasting benefits!
Yes, Somebody should do something! Don’t forget, #YouAreSomebody


‪I know people don’t like change. I don’t. That’s why I prefer “transition,”
For me, that means you don’t have to lose EVERYTHING to move in a new direction!‬


If you want to know how we got where we are politically In 2019.. watch these old Murphy Brown clips! We were present when they were filmed... especially if you're too young to remember... please make time to watch classic @MurphyBrownShow clip WATCH FROM YOU TUBE NOW! ‬ And please #RenewMurphyBrown @CBS #cbs #murphybrown on all social media platforms

There’s my guy
Rob Fukuzaki
Watch here!

Views on Positive #Pageantry #Pageants and #Swimsuits #fitness #empowerment #missusa #missamerica

#MissAmerica my view

Please click here!

Interesting #maoteen press release regarding
#MissAmerica Changes On #Pageantcast by Tim Kretschmann
See Here

Interesting #maoteen press release regarding
#MissAmerica Changes On #Pageantcast by Tim Kretschmann
Click for more...

Mister Global 2015 - Swimwear Competition see here via @YouTube FYI, #RealMenDoSwimsuit

Why newly crowned Miss USA wants the swimsuit competition to stay
via @nypost #MissUSA #swimsuit ����#missuniverse #pageants

#MissUSA @sarahr_summers discuss why swimsuit is “empowering” on #GMA #MissUniverse #MissUniverso

Read more here!

MissAmerica my view here
Click here to read!

Why newly crowned Miss USA wants the swimsuit competition to stay

via @nypost #MissUSA #swimsuit ����#missuniverse #pageants

Interesting #maoteen press release regarding
#MissAmerica Changes On #Pageantcast by Tim Kretschmann
Read more her!

Powerful commentary on target! Fought similar negative attitudes all my life as a pageant supporter!
@secupp #MissUSA #MeToo Why the #MeToo Miss USA pageant worked so well: Claiming pageants and women's empowerment are incompatible is absurd Read insightful commentary by SE Cupp here

Interesting #maoteen press release regarding
#MissAmerica Changes On #Pageantcast by Tim Kretschmann
Click for more...

My friend Sent me this, it describes how I feel about the world right now on and off social media...

In the Sufi tradition it is suggested that our thoughts should pass through three gates. At the first gate, we ask of our thought, “Is it true?” If so, we let the thought pass through to the second gate, where we ask, “Is it necessary or useful?” If this also is so, we let the thought continue on its way to the third gate, where we ask, “Is this thought rooted in love and kindness?” Judgmental thoughts, which are neither true, helpful, nor kind, falter at the gates.


Just got this from a friend! I know some will disagree... But I think it’s clever: A Wish to Live Forever I met a magical fairy yesterday who said she would grant me one wish. “I wish to live forever,” I said.
“Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant that particular wish.”
“Fine,” I said, “then I want to die the day after Congress is filled with honest, hard-working, bipartisan men and women who act only in the people's best interests!”
“You crafty buzzard,” replied the fairy.

Congress Makes Progress in Destroying the Americans With Disabilities Act READ HERE!

Please guys the #ADA Americans With Disabilities cannot be systematically disabled!


To me, the most important title Kurt holds is "My Buddy." We met in 1988 at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. It was outside the arena. Mom was busy trying to fit my wheelchair into the trunk of the small (understatement) Soviet-made automobile being used to being used to transport us from the hotel to the arena and back. I saw someone running out of the back of the building. It turned out to be Kurt! Because there was no such thing as accessible seating, my wheelchair was put on a platform at rinkside near where Kurt had accomplished his famous "Quad". That was a good thing. He wasn't very famous in those days --especially to an American, like me! I might not have recognized him.

He rapped on the car window, but they weren't electric... and I didn't have the strength to roll them down. So mom had to stop what she was doing to help me. I congratulated him on the Quad. Kurt simply said: "I just wanted to tell you... you are the best fan!" With that, he was gone.

Years later I found out others had told him about me. I had been attending competitions since 1981, and had been fortunate enough to be befriended by many skaters.

Our dear friend, Rosalynn Sumners has been instrumental in bringing us together.Thanks Roz! We love you!!!

With Olympic Silver Medalist, US & World Champion, Rosalynn Sumners. 
@KURTBROWNING #30years March 26, 1988-2018

30 Years Ago Today In Budapest, Hungary my life was changed when I met Kurt Browning outside the arena at the 1988 World Figure Skating Championships. One day earlier he landed the first ratified quadruple jump (a toe loop) in competition. He would go on to win 4 Canadian and World titles, as well as many other honours...but that day he became my friend!

This is a short video I made to mark the occasion!

You can watch here Thanks to all who have been part of our journey!

Since then, Kurt & I have formed a lasting and enduring friendship, which has truly changed my life. I have been extremely blessed to experience the incredibly warm and caring personal side of this extraordinary man.


Kurt & I may not be as close as were once were, but I hope you'll enjoy reading about our backstage adventures! 


‪Very cool ! @KurtBrowning wish I could see you! Miss you bud!‬
Who says old men can’t skate? But isn’t a backflip pushing it? ‪Very cool but kind of scary....

Watch here!

Congrats to my friends Pia Wurtzbach and Lily Tomlin for trending #1 and #2 on Facebook this Morning! Pia was and will always be an incredible #MissUniverse... Lily, Your SAG was so well deserved! I treasure those days and Murphy Brown. What a weekend it was! Deshauna. I love you! Your represented yourself and the Country so beautifully and I know there is so much more for you ahead as #MissUSA and beyond! Iris, we have not met yet but I wish you the best as #MissUniverse and hope we meet someday soon! To Paula Shugart Rachel Frimer Esther Swan Shawn McClain and everyone and MUO! Well done!John Baker. And family


Debby Boone
Classic albums
On cd for first time!
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#pageants #figureskating #EVERYONE

Do people who post nasty/negative comments on social media really think they're being helpful? Don't get it. Don't need it. Don't want it. #NotHere

 Inspirational Quotes ‏@InspowerMinds  44m 
Before you assume,
Before you judge,
Before you hurt,
Before you say,

‪#RantOfTheDay Reach out both sides! Or nothing will get done. My way or the highway never helps anyone! #WhyIDeletePoliticalSocialMedia‬
Probably wouldn't be influenced by anything I read on social media anyway! We must communicate today for any hope of hearing each other.... too many absolutes and chest puffing, name calling and hysteria by all....compromise is our only hope, rant of the day OVER.... not that many paid attention or agreed anyway! And that's ok . I love ❤️ you! And I wish you all the best but I refuse to get depressed or sick over this!
Thank you!

Sent to me by a friend... so true!

I want to remind you that success in life is based on hard slogging. There will be periods when discouragement is great and upsetting, and the antidote for this is calmness and fortitude and a modest yet firm belief in your competence. Be sure that your priorities are in order so that you can proceed in a logical manner, and be ever mindful that nothing will take the place of persistence.
~Walter Annenberg, Publisher and philanthropist (1908 - 2002 )

My Special Friends
I have been fortunate to meet some very special people, througout my life. Some of them have gained fame and fortune, others have reaped their rewards in other way. Some I have encountered for only an instant; other relationships have stood the test of time. 

Broadway "Belle"
Actress/Singer, Susan Egan


Susan's albums available on itunes and at Borders, Borders.com and other retail outlets...

My Special Friends

4-time World Figure Skating Champ
Kurt Browning

3-time Daytime Emmy Winner
Actor, Rick Hearst

Miss Teen-USA 2003
Tami Farrell

Star of "Murphy Brown" and "Hope & Faith," etc.
Actress, Faith Ford

I am a Rory McIlroy fan, this shows why,...


I applaud all Olympians...you are a joy to watch, unfortunately we are forced to view these fine achievement through media both mainstream and social who often filter their agenda through your achievements...this happens in all activities including pageants, fan pages, we are a TMZ , we all have a voice and we have a responsibility to use these public commentary opportunities respectfully... Sometimes I think of leaving FB/twitter because of this but I will not allow those I've net never met to steal my joy... you shouldn't either... you are all heroes!!

So honored to be asked to write this "guest blog" for Pageantology.com  Thanks Shandi Finnessey & Susie Leslie for posting it so beautifully...as well your continued friendship & support http://www.pageantology.com/blog/2013/7/2/what-is-a-pageant-girl-by-john-h-baker


Hope you enjoy it!


:) John

Online version of an article about me in which I discuss my involvement in #Pageants #FigureSkating, etc. For the Regional Center of Orange County: Check this out:
If you can not read this version or wish to print, there is a .pdf version at:

Webmaster/Owner -- JHBOnline.net

Our Mascot, Shandi
Sept. 2012

My Best Friend,
Our Mascot, Shandi

September 2012

Farewell to my dear friend of 40 years Marianne Lyons, who passed away April 2013

Marianne Lyons

With Patricia Di Miceli
back in the 1970s

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My Most Special Friend



Via @NoH8Campaign (Twitter) No on Prop 8 | Don't Eliminate Marriage for Anyone...
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created... PLEASE CLICK FOR MORE!
Click for "NoH8" Campaign PSA" featuring Shanna Moakler & Brook Lee





Thanks Everyone...

An Entertainment Website: Proudly celebrating 10 years on the internet: Dec. 8, 1998-December 8, 2008! Thank you all for your support!!!
"When the hand is open to give, it is open to receive..."



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