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ADA Rant La Mirada Theatre
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

#ADA Rant #2 I'm on a roll! La Mirada �� wheelchair accessible

To whom it may concern,

We recently attended a Matinee Performance by the incredibly talented Vicki Lawrence at the La Mirada Civic Theatre. While the show was fabulous, the management staff was not. It seems that, once again, your wheelchair accessible seating had been oversold. This has happened at least four times during the years we've been going this theatre, ( including a previous appearance by Ms. Lawrence a few years ago) and we have seen some excellent shows including "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers "

At one time we were even subscribers, but we gave up due to problems such as these.
The real problem this time, was that the "manager " was less than helpful-- to say the least... and would only say that the person in the wheelchair or their companions should go all the way back to the box office and straighten things out.... as if we were the ones who sold multiple tickets with the exact same seat number assigned ! The box office was even less responsive or helpful, if that is possible!

Between the ushers and the parties involved some folding chairs were added and we crammed in a back corner but with NO APOLOGIES OR CONSIDERATION FOR OUR INCONVENIENCE....

We enjoy this theatre and your productions but you ADA policies need to be reexamined and, perhaps, updated. And your management and box office staff need a refresher course on how better to deal with these issues in the future...

John H. Baker and family

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