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ADA Rant concerning SuperShuttle
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But with hope for USA
Monday, May 15, 2017

Americans With Disabilities Act ( #ADA) Rant concerning #SuperShuttle
But with hope for the USA

This is the untold (until now) story of our trip to Las Vegas for Miss USA 2017. The trip itself really was a wonderful experience, as any event with the Miss Universe Organization is. This is about what occurred on our trip home.

Okay, the airport shuttle was a bit tardy picking us from Mandalay Bay due to a mechanical difficulty with there accessible bus, but no problem they were picking us up about three hours early for what amounts to approximately a two mile ride, if that.... at least, they arrived which is more than I can say for SuperShuttle in Ontario, California ( our destination) but I'm getting ahead of myself...
So we get to McCarran airport in Vegas and the wheelchair drop off at Southwest Airlines is blocked by a couple, just standing there, making out for what seemed like ten minutes without coming up for air... or noticing anything around them.

So we eventually get inside the airport and boarded the plane. Only to discover the fuel gauge on the aircraft was not registering so they were not sure how much fuel they actually had...
I understand that in order to safely takeoff they must have this information, but the passengers were only informed of the delay and not the reasons for quite a while. (I only knew as we were as we were seated in the first row. ) The pilot came and went from the cockpit several times and after thee attempts at refueling.... we we were finally offered water and told of problems. At this point a passenger chose to exit and rebook. Eventually, after a visit or two from maintenance, the flight crew did some manual calculations, and we took off.

We landed in Ontario safely, but we'll more than one hour behind schedule. Because I need assistance on and off the plane due to my Cerebral Palsy. I am always the first one on board the plane and the last one off. No problem. I'm used to that.

I know that SuperShuttle is aware of this policy too from previous experience with them.
We did not expect the accessible van service which we had PREPAID AND CONFIRMED to still be waiting but we did expect they would return for us in due time....

So at 4pm.... the SuperShuttle representative told us they couldn't return but would order an accessible Yellow Cab to substitute.... fine...
They have substituted accessible cabs before if their van needed repairs....but that was always from home to the airport but still... they said it would be ten minutes....

So we waited twenty...no cab! They SuperShuttle rep was off duty by then. With no replacement. We checked with Yellow Cab. They had no order from SuperShuttle. We called SuperShuttle, not easy to reach mind you. Three times they promised us a cab in ten minutes, each time no one showed.

During this time a kind driver from Bell Cabs approached saying his company had an accessible vehicle but it was in the company yard about 25 minutes away and dispatch had no available driver.... But he offed to drive back to the yard bring the cab back to the airport and drive us forty five minutes .... we weren't sure .... we didn't know who to trust at this point.... but having no other option, we agree.

Due to traffic, it took a bit longer than expected, but he returned...bought all of us bottles of water we were on our way... we had a great chat on the way home! He was so kind... Truly, he was an Angel sent to help us when we needed it most! And all he asked was a selfie and that we keep his card for next time. (We will!)

And just as an FYI, not that it should matter, but this driver, who rescued us, is an immigrant to our country from the Middle East. During this particular we were befriend and helped in various ways by people of several different ethnicities. While I'm supremely disappointed with SuperShuttle! I am hopeful that the people of this country can still represent the values I believe this country should maintain...

Update June 19, 2017

My DOJ Experience

Rant update
As you may know, we received a full refund from SuperShuttle regarding our accessible van reservation returning from Ontario airport last May...
At that time, I also contacted the United States Department of Justice, as instructed by a sign I saw at the airport detailing a passenger's rights in situations such as mine.

I went to the DOJ website and found an email address.
So I sent an email, only to receive an auto reply saying they have deactivated their public email.... and you must fill out a lengthy online form or send a letter by US Mail.

The form did not work for me, so I sent a letter as previously posted. Today, I received a reply which basically said they no longer accept letters, as they no longer have enough staff to read them...
But they sent me four or five page list of other agencies who may help, if they read letters, most of which had nothing to do with my situation, which thankfully SuperShuttle already resolved.

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