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(You, John Baker are ) A Pageant Legend!
K Lee Graham
Miss Teen USA 2014
At Miss Universe rehearsal
in Doral. Florida, USA

Thank you for being a part of my journey from the start! Hope you are doing well — Kaleigh Garris, Miss Teen USA 2019

Deshauna Barber
Miss USA 2016

Via FaceBook at Miss USA 2017: Ran into my best buddy John Baker ! Omg! So great seeing you my love!
Thank you for spending the year supporting my reign and keep me uplifted with your kind words.
Love you so much John!!!

Deshauna Barber

Miss USA 2016



Thoughts from the Pageant World about JHBOnline.net...

Paula Shugart, President
Miss Universe Organization

Hello John-

I was happy to see your email.  I actually wrote back to you right after
the Miss California USA pageant, and the emails came back as
undeliverable.  I hope this makes it to you.

After I got your original email, I went to your website and I must say,
you are quite an inspiration.

I hope all is well.

Paula Shugart
(President of The Miss Universe Organization)

Alyssa Campanella
Miss USA 2011

Alyssa Campanella
Miss CA-USA 2011

Alyssa wrote: "Hi John! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to see you again in Vegas (hopefully outside the Pleasure Pit this time haha) and I'm honored you are a part of this journey with us :-) see you soon! Xoxo"
--Alyssa Campanella,Miss USA 2011,
 Miss CA-USA 2011
Miss NJ-Teen USA 2007, 1st RU Miss Teen USA 2007

Alyssa on Miss USA 2012 via FB:
Alyssa Campanella I am praying for you John. I know it would mean the world to us both to have you there in Vegas happy and healthy with your great big smile :-) You'll recover in no time! We love you

Nana Meriweather, Miss USA 2012
& Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011

*photo courtesy of Alyssa Campanella

Nana Meriwether toposted to John Baker via Facebook!
I dont know how to thank you for all of your support! you are so amazing!! Thank you x a million for helping me with such positive encouragement on my way to state!! I hope you have a good rest of the week! ♥ ♥
Thank you so much for your support love! What a dream come true! Can't wait to see you at Miss USA!
-Nana Meriweather, Miss Maryland-USA 2012 
Miss USA 2012

Olivia Culpo
Miss USA 2012

Olivia Culpo
Miss Universe 2012

Aww so sorry .".just saw this John!! Thank you so much for all you’ve done! Itruly appreciate it. Hope you feel better soon and please say hi to your mom for me!
Happy Holidays,
— Jaanu Patel
Miss California Teen-USA 2017
4th Miss Teen-USA 2017

John Baker John Baker @jhbonline 28 Sep
@MissUSA Can't wait to cheer you on @phvegas #MissUniverse :) John jhbonline.net pic.twitter.com/E3diIGOM

Olivia Culpo
@jhbonline thanks john! Another pic tpgether for sure #letsgoUSA

Olivia Culpo

@jhbonline SO great to see you again!! It's always a pleasure :) happy holidays

11:51 AM - 21 Dec 12




Jordan as Miss National Sweetheart 2013
Facebook photo

With Jordan

Jojo & I with Caylynn Simonson
1st RU @ Miss California 2013

"Thank you for all of your time and support of the Miss Placentia program."
--Jordan Krinke

Miss San Francisco (CA-MAO) 2014 (@ Miss CA -- Top 10; Talent prelim award)
Miss National Sweetheart 2013 (Prelim & Overall Talent Winner & Preliminary Evening Gown (Tie) 
Miss Central Coast (CA-MAO) 2013; 3rd RU to Miss California 2013
Miss Yorba Linda (CA-MAO) 2011 (@ Miss CA -- Talent, Swimsuit & Gown prelim awards; Non-finalist Talent award)
Miss Placentia (CA-MAO) 2009 (@ Miss CA -- Top 12; Gown prelim award)
Miss Placentia & California's Outstanding Teen 2007

Jordan Krinke, Miss YL 2011, wins swimsuit, gown & talent prelims at Miss CA-MAO, yet remains a "non-finalist." Seems absurd! Also Miss Placentia '09, Miss CA Outstanding Teen '07...Did mock interviews with her. So proud! Enjoy this video!
UPDATE:  #ThereSheIs #MissAmerica Congratulations to my dear friend, Jordan Blais Krinke Miss Central Coast, who was named 3rd Runner up at Miss California last night! So very proud of you!!! Best wishes to Miss Silicon Valley Crystal Lee, who will represent Official Miss California Scholarship Organization at Miss America!

Shandi Finnessey
Miss USA 2004


 What a great website!!! You have everything on there! Great job!!!!!!! xoxo
--Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA 2004 (MO-USA '04)
1st RU Miss Universe 2004
Miss Missouri (MAO) 2002

You're always the best part of the pageants!! Love your infectious smile and love. You're my favorite��"

-- Gretchen Polhemus (Jensen)

Miss USA 1989 ( Texas)

2nd Runner up Miss Universe

Alexis Swanstrom
Miss CA Teen USA 2011

thank you so much John! I am beyond honored to know you! Hopefully I'll see you soon!!  :)
-Alexis Swanstrom, Miss California-Teen USA 2011
2nd RU Miss Teen USA 2011 

With Ximena Navarrete
Miss Universe 2010 from Mexico

Ximena Navarrete
@jhbonline: @ximenaNR looks great hosting NB Mexico on #Univision #MissUniverse”//thanks love ❤
06:14 PM - 02 Sep 12 via Twitter for iPhone

Logan West of CT
Miss USA 2012

2012 via twitter

love this picture! So nice meeting you :) happy new year!!!!

With 4-Time World Figure Skating Champ
Kurt Browning of Canada

From 4-time World Figure Skating Champ, Kurt Browning:


Anastagia Pierre
Miss Bahamas-Universe 2011

Anastagia Pierre@RealMissBahamas replied to you:

@jhbonline aww thank you so much John!! love youuu
In reply to…
@RealMissBahamas @TheRealMissUSA Be confident and strong...be yourselves...

-- Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 from Miss Universe in Sao Paolo, Brazil 

Pierre has previously competed at Miss Teen USA 2004 as Miss Florida Teen USA. She also won Miss Florida USA 2009 and competed at Miss USA that year. In addition to that, she was 2nd runner-up at Miss Intercontinental 2010, representing The Bahamas.

Chelsi Smith
Miss Universe 1995

Chelsi Smith on FB: So sweet John! Always sending you love and positive energy ♥
-- Chelsi Smith, Miss Universe 1995 (Texas, USA)

Shanna Moakler
Miss USA 1995

  ----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: shanna
Date: Nov 27, 2008 11:38 PM

Hey John!
How are you? It was such a pleasure to meet you! i was so impressed with your memory of those horrid stairs I had to walk down in evening gown! ha! I am so glad you came to the pageant and enjoyed yourself! after the holiday I will put some pics in the mail for you and also some things goodies of our new queens when we get them! I hope to see you next year as well! dont be a stranger

Shanna Moakler
Miss USA 1995
Dir., Miss California-USA/Teen-USA
From @ShannaMoakler via Twitter: @jhbonline you have my favorite updates!

Claudia Jordan@claudiajordan

I LOVE that you are having judge your pageant momma! No one is a bigger fan of pageants than him. !

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan


@jhbonline Happy New year! Im so happy for you Mr. Judge!!! xoxo

--Claudia Jordan

Miss RI-Teen USA 1990

Miss RI-USA 1997

With Brook Lee
Miss Universe 1997

Miss MN-USA 2006
Dottie Cannon

Hi! This is Dottie Cannon - I met you and your mom at the 2004 Miss USA pageant in Los Angeles, CA. I was there with my friend, Jessica Billings, all the way from Minnesota. We sat by you during the Preliminary competition - how much fun was that?!?!

I wanted to let you know that I still love receiving your updates. Also, I decided to compete in the Miss USA pageant this year (again!) and I won! I am so excited about this opportunity and cannot wait for Nationals - hopefully I will see you there! You are probably at the Miss America competition now, so enjoy and have fun!

Have a great day and I hope you are enjoying the new year!

Take care,
Dottie Cannon
Miss MN USA 2006 :)
Post-National Comments from Dottie:
Subject: RE: Hi John!
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 8:47 PM

It was wonderful to see you and your mom at the pageant - long time no see! Please tell your mom it was great to see her - she looks the same. I was honored to be named Miss Congeniality too! It was disappointing that I did not place higher, but the experience was still eye-opening.


#MissUSA Just received this beautiful autograph card from Jessica Billings Miss PA-USA 2013! Jessica, it has been by honor to accompany you on this amazing journey... I know you have a great future... I hope we'll always be friends! XOXO, John JHBonline.net

Miss PA-USA 2013
Jessica Billings

Jessica Writes: "I'm blessed to have had your support & friendship during my LONG journey to Miss USA! XOXO, Jessica

Jessica Billings, Miss PA-USA 2013
Top 15- "People's Choice" at Miss USA 2013

Mom & Myself with Dottie Cannon
& Jessica Billings

My Mom, Joann, and I at Miss USA 2004 with Dottie Cannon (Miss MN-USA 2006) & Jessica Billings (Miss PA-USA 2013) years before they received their state title and would compete at Miss USA themselves! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

From Amy Diaz (Miss RI- Teen USA '01 & Miss RI-USA '08) about her "Amazing Race" adventure:

John Baker @jhbonline 16 Jul
@SusanP0well Thanks for following me. Remember this photo of us: It was Miss A's 75th! :) John, jhbonline.net pic.twitter.com/93mqvn3T

Susan Powell
@jhbonline fantastic!! Wow!! I look 12!

What an honor from a Former Miss USA: Wendy Dascomb Bryan: Miss America 2012: Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler, Crowned http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20561677,00.html
 Picked top 5 in order! Not bragging though!
http://www.people.com/people/​article/0,,20561677,00.html picked
Response from Fmr Miss USA  Wendy Dascomb Bryan: "Brag all u want. I respect your opinion over all others!"


Lynn Herring, Miss VA-USA (4th RU Miss USA '77) & "General Hospital" star replied to & retweeted the following:
#GH @GeneralHospital General Hospital star @TheLynnHerring Miss VA @ #MissUSA '77... http://fb.me/6scC7JHeS
 Lynn Herring ‏@TheLynnHerring  35m 
@jhbonline @GeneralHospital Yikes! Memories, loved Bob Barker! Helped pay$ for college! Thanks for sharing!!
#MissUSA #GH @TheLynnHerring @RickHearst @TheLynnHerring @GeneralHospital I work with Miss NV-USA, MUO and @rickhearst now... love pageants & GH :) John jhbonline.net/pageants/
#TeamRicGH John, http://jhbonline.net/tv/id20.html Also join
Top 5: Miss USA '77: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0QpM8EIIDo <3 John

Via Twitter from Margaret Gardiner, Miss Universe 1978 (South Africa):
John Baker John Baker @jhbonline 29 Sep
@brooksuniverse @MargaretGGG thanks Brook! I'd love to follow Margaret. I remember when she won. Hope 2 C U @MissU2012 jhbonline.net

margaret gardiner
@jhbonline @brooksuniverse @MissU2012 welcome!

Dayanna Mendoza
Miss Universe 2008

Continued Sucess to Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 on the Celebrity Apprentice! Love, John Baker, http://jhbonline.net/pageants
Via FB from Dayanna Mendoza:

  • Dayana Mendoza awww John Baker, thanks so much! ...love you too!!! :). Well everyone, thats the people I was dealing with... Im sure there is an Aubrey Oday and a Lisa Lampanelli in every office :p

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, likes JHBonline.net on Facebook! You should too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for "liking", jhbonline.net (http://facebook.com/jhbonlinenet) JHBonline.net http://jhbonline.net , dayana mendoza

Alicia Blanco, Miss AZ-USA 2009
CROWN 5.jpg

Finally met Alicia Blanco
at Miss CA-USA 2013!

Hi John,

Not sure if I've ever had the pleasure of formally meeting you. Every time I see you at an MUO event you are surrounded by tons of people who adore you!! And, I always hear such wonderful things about you. Thank you for being who you are; it's obvious to me why you are loved by so many in the pageant world especially--your genuine support and contagious personality is certainly appreciated. : )

Take care and glad we can be friends!

With a smile,
Alicia-Monique Blanco
Miss Arizona USA 2009
2ru Miss USA 2009 : )

With Raquel Beezley Dorsey, Miss CA-USA 2008
at Miss California-USA 2013

With Raquel Dorsey aka Beezley (Miss CA-USA '08) at Miss CA-USA '13!
Pageantry's most beloved man! We love you, John! #misscaliforniausa #misscausa #missusa #thankful #wonderful #famous

Ericka Dunlap
Miss America 2004

Ericka Dunlap
Miss America 2004


OF COURSE I'm interested in your adventures! You have been such a great friend to me and the other Miss A's we all adore you!!

I am confident that I will be seeing you sooner than later.

Love to your mother!

Ericka Dunlap
Miss America 2004

Tara Conner
Miss USA 2006

Tara wrote: "Thank you for taking the time for me! You are the popular one my love!! I'm very blessed to know you!"

Tamiko Nash-Davis
Miss California-USA 2006

Via Twitter to You're the best, John. Love you...
-Tamiko Nash
Miss California-USA 2006
1st Runner-Up @ Miss USA 2006


Love you John! I am blessed to have your support and friendship over the years! Miss USA is almost here!!!! I can't wait! Hugs to you and your family! XOXO!
--Sarah Chapman, Miss Nevada-USA 2011

More from Sarah Chapman, Miss Nevada-USA 2011 here! (.pdf format)

Thanks..., John! I have LOVED every moment of my pageant journey from 16 years old until now. Thank you for being such a great support to me. I love you! xoxo!


Ashley Brown
Miss NV-Teen USA 2011

Well it's people like you supporting teens with your encouragement and support that makes me proud. Thanks for being there. Every comment you made really meant something to me.
 xoxo Ashley Brown, Miss Nevada-Teen USA 2011

Brittany Dawn Brannon
Miss AZ-USA 2011

Brittany Dawn Brannon Miss Arizona-USA 2011: Thank you John!!! Cannot wait for Miss USA and seeing everyone! Going to be a blast! Thank you!!
Lissette Liz Garcia Miss Florida-USA 2011: Thank you John, it's awesome how you have been here through out my journey...from the VERY first day

Lisette "Liz" Garcia
Miss FL-USA 2011: Top 16 @ Miss USA

Keylee Sanders

"The Best Pageant Website -- Hands Down!!!  (Webmaster, John H. Baker is...) the pageant PR master" --Keylee Sanders, Miss Teen-USA 1995
I have started a new business!!!
I was just featured in Daily Candy San Francisco! (http://www.dailycandy.com/san_francisco/article/37768/Pretty+Please)

It is called Style Studio and is a full service style consulting business for personal clients, corporate clients, and events.
I also am continuing my work in TV as a style expert.  Life is good :)

Check out my site and let me know your thoughts, www.stylestudiosf.com

Keylee Sanders
Style Studio / Owner

Meagan Tandy
Miss CA-USA '07

John! You are the best! Thank you so much for finding me on this silly network! lol. It was so great to see you in Palm Springs as well. I will never forget my Miss USA experience on the night when we all came back from some event at about 10:30 and it was time with family and friends.....my family and friends weren't present (even though they are all from California-lol). I was on my way to the elevator when all of the girls were running to have family and friends time. On my way, I ran into you and your mom. I ended up staying there and chatting with you guys during that time:). It really made me feel great because I didn't have anyone there. You two were my family and friends that evening and now...ALWAYS! Thank you so, SO very much! That really meant a lot to me :). I will never forget it. I love you guys :)! I'll see you in Vegas :)! I know your coming for Miss USA right???? lol.

Meagan Tandy
Miss California-USA 2007
3rd Runner-up @ Miss USA

Gloria Sophia Almonte, NY-USA '07
NY-Teen USA '01; 1st RU Teen USA '01

Amber Medlin
Miss Virginia (MAO) 1995

I loved the picture from the 75th pageant on your website. It definitely brought back a lot of memories. I'm looking forward to seeing more on your website. Good luck with the site, and I'll keep checking back.
--Amber Medlin
Miss Virginia (America) 1995
Natalie Glebova of Toronto,
moments after being
crowned Miss Universe (AP Photo)
Dear John,

Thank you so much for the most kind e-mail! I'm so
sorry for the delay in writing back, but please rest
assured that I really appreciate the time you took to
write, and for your best wishes for Canada, Natalie
and even myself.

Thanks so much again. I'm definitely looking forward
to seeing the Miss Universe crown on Natalie's head at
appearances over the next year.

Best wishes and thanks!
Jimmy Steele
(Miss Canada   "Universe/World Organizations")
*Advisor to Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005

P.S. I just got the wonderful card today -- my boss
gave it to me from the office -- and it was so
absolutely sweet of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Sent: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 1:21 pm

I will continue to keep you and your lovely mother in my prayers.  You know, I have been so blessed to meet such wonderful people as a result from being Miss USA; as you are one of my favorites!  You always put a smile on my face and have such a warm gift of touching the lives of everyone you meet. 
I am working on going to Miss Teen USA and I hope I can see you there!  Please say hello to your mom for me!!
Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005
Just received this from Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005, check it out:
www.standoutproductions.net is finally here!  After long months of hard work, the website finished!!  Enjoy!!

If you want to subscribe to Chelsea Cooley's newsletter, go to:

http://www.standoutproductions.net and enter your email address

Pass this along to anyone who might be interested! Chelsea's really looking to build things up.

Chelsea Cooley
Stand Out Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 15877
Wilmington, NC 28408


Chelsea Cooley

Maria Montgomery, Miss Kentucky-USA 2009
4th Runner-up @ Miss USA

Hi! It is so good to hear from you! I have actually been wanting to get in touch since Miss USA but didn't have a a way if doing so! Thank you for all you did for me. It was the best interview I've ever had, and it's really changed the way I approach castings and so many more aspects of my life now. I hope you're doing well!
-- Maria Montgomery
Miss Kentucky-USA 2009
4th Runner-Up to Miss USA

MissLI2012 Jess Pinckney
@jhbonline Thanks for the follow back! I'm loving your (Twitter)account it's soo informative. Happy Thanksgiving!!
-Jess Pinckney, Miss Long Island (MAO) 2012

jhbonline.net got their media listing in the My Pageant Place Resource Directory, will you get yours? http://mypageantplace.com



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