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Today is the day Miss Nevada USA Miss Nevada Teen USA  2015! Wish I could be there! Best To Shanna Moakler Nia Sanchez Gus Fluffypantsweinerstiener Travis Stanton Will Henderson Alyssa Marie  Tonya Crockett King and all the contestants and pageant family I'll be watching the webcast  7pm PT TONIGHT! Miss Nevada USAŽ & Miss Nevada Teen USAŽ http://ustre.am/18ZNg
With Miss Nevada USA & Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez at Miss Nevada USA 2013 ( I judged "Teen" : Nia DID NOT compete that year! http://www.jhbonline.net/pageants/id48.html

Nia Sanchez
who would become Miss NV & Miss USA 2014

Still can't believe I got to be part of this!

So excited to have been in the judges box when Amanda Jenkins, Miss Nevada Teen USA & Chelsea Caswell Miss Nevada-USA were selected from too many amazing contestants. We, judges had to work hard ladies, as we should!

Nevada-USA Titleholders
of 2013***

Congrats Chelsea Caswell Miss Nevada-USA 2013!
On your Top 10 placement at Miss USA 2013. We're proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote for "MY" Miss Nevada-Teen to be a semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA. I judged her state pageant, so I know she'd make a great Miss Teen USA... So please vote up to 10 X per day! Every Day! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having proudly judged Miss Nevada Teen USA, I ask that you go to http://www.missteenusa.com & Vote for Amanda Jenkins (Nevada) to be in the top 15 finailist. You get 10 votes per day, so you can still use votes to support your other favorites as well! THEN TUNE INTO THAT WEBSITE AUGUST 9 & 10 TO SEE ALL THESE WONDERFULYOUNG LADIES COMPETE FOR MISS TEEN USA 2013! THANK YOU! 

At Miss USA, With "MY" Miss NV Teen USA 2013
Amanda Jenkins

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Jenkins

Las Vegas Examiner Slideshow of "Teen" event

Meet Miss Nevada Teen USA 2013 Amanda Jenkins http://worldshowbiz.info/beauty-contest/meet-miss-nevada-teen-usa-2013-amanda-jenkins/ via @pageant_news
It was an honor to judge this event & Amanda #TeenUSA

#MissUSA #TeenUSA Had such a great time judging this event Congrats & Best Wishes Chelsea Caswell & Amanda Jenkins! Thanks Shanna Moakler Travis Stanton Jeanne Baker Poggensee Jason Smith Will Henderson Alyssa Campanella Anne-Marie Campanella Bruce Harris , Maureen Atwell etc..

January 26-27, 2013
Las Vegas, NV

The 2013 Nevada-USA Titleholders

Amanda Jenkins
Miss Nevada Teen-USA 2013

Chelsea Caswell
Miss Nevada-USA 2013

Teen Top 5!
A Difficult Decision !!!!!!!

(Photos in this section
Courtesy of
Amanda Jenkins & Jorge Esteban
Thank you!)

Here Comes The Judge!



 The lovely Nevada State Director, and Miss USA 1995,
Shanna Moakler...
Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity
... and amazing experience... XOXO!


Shanna's beautiful gift to me...
a blanket... if you can't tell

The Co-Host with the most....

My Buddy, Miss USA 2011,
Alyssa Campanella

Some of my wonderful fellow judges!

The best Judges Co-ordinator EVER!
Travis Stanton

The amazing Miss USA 2006
Tara Conner

The fabulous Miss Teen USA 2007
Hilary Carol Cruz

"Survivor" Winner & my great new friend
Parvati Shallow

Around the event with:

Maurissa Gunn, Miss MT-Teen USA 2013
Kacie West, Miss MT-USA 2013

Another with Maurissa and Kacie
2013 Montana titleholders***

The fabulous Katie Eklund
Miss Nevada Teen-2012***

Jade Kelsall, Miss NV-USA 2012
3rd RU @ Miss USA 2012

The fantastic Will Henderson
aka ThePageantGuy.com

(C) 2013 JHBONLINE.NET/ John H. Baker
Special Thanks to Shanna Moakler, Travis Stanton, Jason Smith, Will Henderson, Zac Grimaldo, Austin Ryde, Anne-Marie Campanella, Alyssa Campanella, Torrance Coombs, Tara Conner, Hilary Cruz,Parvati Shallow, all my fellow judges ... Extra-Special Thanks to Maureen Atwell, who started me down this road... and of course, my family!  

Thanks to Travis Stanton for providing photos marked:




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