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MISS USA 2017!
Back to Back for District of Columbia !

Miss USA 2017
Kara McCullough of the District of Columbia #BackToBack

Watch to watch Miss USA 2017 again?

Watch on YouTube

#figureskating #missusa #CirqueduSoleil
Hi! I know how you all love Cirque du Soleil
Well, now they've moved a bit into my world of skating and pageants!

First see how my buddy 4 time world champ Kurt Browning helped put Cirque on Ice in "Crystal " in Montreal!

Crystal on ice story from CBC Montreal here...

And watch as Michael Jackson One by Cirque is the opening number for Miss USA 2017 which we attended rehearsals and also watched from nearby as this was broadcast live! Praying it would work...amazing to see it all come together

Watch MissUSA opening here...





Rehersal With MUO class of 2016
Miss Teen USA, Karlie Hay (Texas); Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere (France) and Deshauna Barber, Miss USA (DC)

Photos courtesy of the amazing Esther Swan



Lovely posting from My dear friend Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016


Beautiful End of Year Video by Deshauna Barber #MissUSA 2016, who gracefully combined representing the United States as a Captain in the US Army reserve with her duties as Miss USA! Watch here...
So proud of you, my friend!

Ran into Deshauna hanging out at Mandalay Bay!
Photo by Emily Panasci

Later Deshauna and I are joined by
Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015 of Oklahoma

Hanging out at Starbucks with the reigning (2016) Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere of France and Miss Teen USA, Karlie Hay from Texas! Photos courtesy of the amazing Esther Swan and Starbucks treats courtesy of the fantastic Linda Rondinella-Osgood! Thanks to all!

With Iris Mittenaere of France
Miss Universe 2016

Karlie Hay of Texas
Miss Teen USA 2016

Stay tuned! More to come!

Miss USA 2017

Well, My dear Miss Universe Organization family, what can I say? You have always been more than generous to my entire family, not to mention what you do and have always done for me personally but this year you went above and beyond! The access was amazing and the seating was the best ever! SO special thanks to Larry, Rebecca and Kevin for that! Paula, I wish we had seen you more and Carl too! But I know you were unbelievably busy....

Esther, Emily, Rachel, Hilary and Linda: I cannot thank you enough! It was such fun to spend time with you and our incredible titleholders Deshauna, Iris, and Karlie! And thanks for the photo ops!

Travis and Jason... we will be friends forever as well as family. You understand me so well .... I am thrilled for you. Hope you know that and we all love Nick our buddy... You're the best, dude! Don't worry , if the Jeannie Mai thing is meant to happen it will... if not....I am always a Nick Teplitz fan!
Tricia, Carlos, Shawn, Lu, Roston....You rock! Shanna, Carla, Debbie,Pam, Alex Stathoulis Kuty, Paula Miles Connie Clark
All the state directors, well done!
Baylee, India and all the state titleholders of 2017:

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Treasure your experience! You are all winners ! Congratulations!

To the formers Nia Sanchez, Olivia Jordan, Gretchen Polhemus Jensen, Brook Lee, Shanna Moakler, Carole Gist, Brandi Sherwood, Kristen Dalton and our newest former, my girl, Deshauna.... and anyone I may have missed....we are forever friends and even family.... Titles come and go but connections should last!

I hope I didn't leave anyone out! I received so much love and support from so many of you! Consider yourself thanked and appreciated whether or not you saw your name...Please!
Congrats again DC! Back to Back! Yes!
All the best,
John and Joann Baker

Ps Linda Rondinella-Osgood the Starbucks really hit the spot and I got to hang out with Esther Swan Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe while I waited! Cool! ��

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